Who to notify when moving your business

Moving an office can be quite challenging. And there are a lot of things that need to be planned and done before the relocation. Otherwise, you risk making a mistake that can cost you. Not to mention it can damage your work, and you might end up losing customers. But with a good plan, it is possible to have uninterrupted work. However, relocating a business is not only a change for you and your customers but your employees too. Thus you should inform everybody in a timely manner. Because if you miss telling somebody, it can cause you problems in the future. Therefore, movers NJ have prepared a list of people and organizations you need to notify when moving your business. That way you’ll able to continue working without a problem once you settle into your new offices.

You need to notify when moving your business all your clients

The most important part of any business is its clients and customers. And a successful company makes sure all their needs are satisfied. Because a happy customer is more worth than gold. So how do you notify when moving your business all the people that need your services? Once you set a date for the move and you hired office movers NJ, it is time to tell everybody. But do not wait too long. Everybody needs time to adapt to the big change. So it is best to do it months or two in advance. You can send an email with all the new information. Write down the new address and the phone number. Also, change all the info on your website. And if you have a shop, you should have a sign written on the entrance doors. Especially if you will change the working schedule.

man in a cubicle with headphones
Make sure the customer’s service shares the new information with your clients

Inform the bank that your office is moving

There is a lot of bureaucracy involved when you are changing an address. Especially when you have to change all the documents for the bank. Since it is a slow process that will take some time, make sure to start it months before the move. So when movers Nutley NJ relocate you, you will be able to continue working without a glitch. Therefore immediately talk to your bank representative. Because if you decide to move your account to another bank or a branch, they will need time to set everything. Even if you continue working with the existing bank, you need to tell them about the address change. If you miss this step, it will be impossible to write checks and use business cards.

Man signing papers
You must notify when moving your business, the bank so they can change your company information

Appraise your suppliers about the company move

If you are working in the retail business, you need to tell your suppliers about the move. There is a balance that needs to be maintained between customers and the people who supply the product. And if it is broken, your business will suffer financially. Especially if you are moving long-distance and crossing state lines. In that case, it is not that easy for other companies to adjust. They will need time to change their delivery routes to accompany your new needs. However, once you send them the invoice with all your new information about your office move, they will have to do a lot of paperwork. Therefore it is advisable to, once everything is done, review the contract again. Because if there is any mistake that you missed, your company will suffer.

Notify your landlord that you will be moving the firm

Once you set the date for the move, you should inform the landlord. Especially if your contract is not expired yet. You will need time to settle the affairs that might arise from your moving before the contract stipulates. Also, they too will need time to find another client. And even if they have one lined up, they can not just move in. Like any other business, they will have needs that the landlord has to provide them with. They might need to change the positions of electric sockets or add some more. Or bring their internet provider. Whatever the case, your landlord will need time to arrange everything. That is why you should notify when moving your business the owner.

Tell your employees that the company is moving

If you have just a few employees or hundreds, it does not matter. They all need to know about the move on time. Otherwise, they will not have enough time to prepare. Because if they decide to continue working for you, they will need to find a new place to live. And that is not something they can do last minute. Also, some of them might decide to stay. So they will need to start looking for other jobs. Therefore it is best to months in advance inform all your employees about the move. You can do it over emails that have all the new information and important dates. Or you can have a meeting where everybody can ask questions. Whatever you decide is the best course of action for you, maintain the highest level of transparency.


a meeting room with people looking at the computer screen
Tell your employees in advance about the office move so they have time to prepare

Sending notifications when moving your business will allow you to have uninterrupted work

A business consists of many parts, and for all of them to function successively, you need to tell everybody that your company is moving. It does not matter if you are moving locally in New Jersey or long-distance. Your customers and client need to be able to find you. Therefore make sure to send emails on time with all your new information. Write down the future address and the phone number. Also, the bank must have this information, so there are no problems with your account. Do not forget to notify when moving your business all your employees. They will need time to find new homes, so make sure to send them the info.

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