Which items you shouldn’t store in a storage unit

Although storage units can be very helpful when decluttering your home there are certain items you shouldn’t store inside them. In this article, we will help you determine what items should not be inside a storage unit and why is that so. Moreover, you can always opt for storage, among other services, if you hire moving companies NJ to help you with relocation. Storage units provide all the conditions your items require for special care. However, certain items cannot be placed inside the storage unit and for a good reason.

What items you shouldn’t store inside a storage unit?

There are multiple advantages for storage units. However, the most important one is that they provide additional space and shelter for certain items you cannot deal with at the current moment. This can come useful when you are relocating, decluttering or creating extra space in your home. Now, although these units provide protection for your items, there are certain items you should avoid putting inside a unit, such as:

  • Perishable goods
  • Pets
  • Monetary or sentimental value items
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials
  • Flammable materials
an outside view of storage units
Storage units are a great place to temporarily place your items but certain items can cause more damage over time

If you are in need of extra space for your items, whether you are relocating or decluttering, you can opt for storage Montclair NJ. Because of the overall usefulness of storage units, people tend to not think about what they put inside. However, as we saw above, certain items should not be put inside a storage unit and we will tell you why.

Perishable goods

The main problem with food is that it has an expiration date. More importantly, almost all food requires special conditions to preserve their edibility. Certain foods require room temperature, others require almost freezing ones and that goes to say why you should not put them inside a storage unit. Namely, storage units do not have the conditions your food requires to remain edible.

carrots, tomatoes and raspberries on the table as items you shouldnt store inside a unit
Food has a limited expiration date and should not be put inside a storage unit under any circumstances

Because of that, you should avoid placing perishable foods inside the storage unit. Firstly, the food will rot quickly. Secondly, the smell which it can produce might affect the condition and smell of other items inside the storage unit. Among all the items you shouldn’t store inside a unit food is on top of the list as it will bring you more trouble than peace of mind.


Pets are not quite items, but a living thing. This alone should be a good enough reason for you not to do so. For instance, storage units are usually in a remote part of town, which means you will have to take some time to get to them. This alone is a good enough reason not to put your pets inside the storage unit. Moreover, there are no pet-friendly conditions inside a storage unit. The best solution is to have your pet by your side the whole time and make him your companion. Even if you rent a short-term storage unit, it is not a place for pets.

Monetary or sentimental value items

Although storage units have their own security and are safe in a way, you should not risk putting items with monetary or sentimental value in them. Firstly, because you will likely need money or jewellery. Secondly, because you never know what might happen. So, do not risk with those items – make sure they are always by your side. More importantly, documents, IDs and other important pieces of information should never be placed inside a storage unit. These are the items that are very important to every individual and should always be near one. For instance, jewellery is usually small so you can pack them in small boxes that will not take too much space. If you have an item that you have an emotional connection to you should always keep it by your side. Money is always needed, regardless of your location.

Chemicals and hazardous materials

Amongst items you shouldn’t store inside a storage unit chemicals and products with hazardous components are the most dangerous. Namely, these types of materials can cause a lot of damage to other items, as well as the environment. If any of the chemicals spill they can endanger all the items inside the storage unit and cause irreversible damage to our environment.

bottles of unknown chemical liquid on the table
Due to the complexity of chemicals inside certain products, you should always aim to keep them in a safe place or discard of them before you move

More importantly, they can cause health issues to anyone who enters the storage unit. So, before you decide to pack for storage, make sure you read the labels of all the products that might contain some sort of dangerous or hazardous chemicals. The best solution is to discard these materials and not transport them at all.

Flammable materials

Flammable materials should not be inside a storage unit for an obvious reason. For instance, if you opt to hire movers North Caldwell NJ you will receive a warning that your package contains flammable materials. Firstly, flammable materials require special handling in most cases. Secondly, they can seriously jeopardize both your other items as well as the personnel who is handling them. Storage units have the rule of not accepting any flammable materials inside their space because it will put all the other units in a great risk. Especially if the conditions of the storage units are not good for those materials.

Items you shouldn’t store inside a unit should be handled with care

The most important thing is that one should know is that these types of materials and items do not go well inside the unit for reasons said above. So, what should you do with them? Well, you can take those items with you and decide what you should do with them when you arrive. Another choice can be to advise someone into discarding or disposing of them in a proper manner. Because these are the items you shouldn’t store you should see what types of conditions they require. Knowing how to handle these types of items is the best approach you can have to this situation.

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