Which items are not allowed in a storage facility?

Want to store some of your belongings so that you have enough space in your new home or so you do not clutter it with things that you do not need every day? No matter what your reason is the first thing you have to do is to find a storage unit for sure. This storage unit, in addition to the fact that it would be desirable to be close to your home, should also meet additional conditions. However, you can’t put absolutely everything in storage. There are items that are not allowed in a storage facility. Best moving companies in NJ will share with you which items are not allowed in a storage facility. This way you can prepare in advance and avoid unwanted consequences of not knowing.

No food in a storage facility

People often want to store food. However, consider how bad an idea this is. For example, storing cheese or potatoes would simply be too much of an attraction for vermin. Not only would you destroy your food but you also expose the whole unit to pests. Moreover, there is a good chance that you will forget the food in the warehouse and unpleasant odors would spread to large parts of the storage. If you want to avoid that do not store food in storage units.

Picture of mouse
Do not store food in storage units because the food will attract pests.

Living belongings: fish, hamsters, plants, etc. are also not allowed in a storage facility

Of course, you can not also store animals in storage Montclair NJ. It should be clear to all pet owners that this is animal cruelty, pollutes the storage room, and also poses a danger to other storage room owners. Animals don’t belong in storage. They do not have the necessary conditions for a normal life. The same goes for plants.

No hazardous waste in storage in

Likewise, waste oil, batteries, and electrical waste do not belong in the storage facility. You can find that there is a designated disposal method for all items that are quite easy to follow. If you are lucky, for example, your e-waste will even be picked up from your home for free. You probably know this but we must mention that you can not store illegal substances such as drugs or narcotic drugs or any kind of hazardous waste.

No highly flammable items in self-storage.

Gas bottles, gasoline cans, and solvents, etc. also are not allowed in a storage facility. Depending on the substance, unpleasant odors are spread and the items pose a danger to your own but also the belongings of other storage room tenants. If you have this kind of item because you are moving an office you can always talk to office movers NJ and find the best solution with them. Be aware that you cant store goods that have the following properties:

  • Toxic
  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Foul-smelling
Gas bottles are not allowed in a storage facility
Gas bottles are also not allowed in a storage facility!


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