When is the best time to rent storage?

People often ask the question – when is the best time to rent storage? The bottom line is that renting storage is expensive. This is why you want to make sure you don’t do it more often than you actually should. So, yes, renting storage is expensive. But it also is a neat trick you can keep up your sleeve for many different situations. But, you shouldn’t do it all the time, and you shouldn’t do it for any reason. So, what is the best time to rent storage? We are going to collect our extensive experience and give a few real-life examples of situations when it is best suited to rent storage Montclair NJ

best time to rent storage
Too many clothes? You’ll need somewhere to stash them.

There are two different categories of the best time to rent storage. It can be done when you absolutely have no other choice, or when this is very convenient. Both of these scenarios are going to lead to the same thing – the luxury of having a storage unit available. Still, there are times when this is completely unnecessary, and some companies might offer this to you even though you don’t really need it. Make sure to carefully assess your situation and rent only when really needed. If you are still left uncertain when this might be, feel free to contact us and discuss it further. Our agents will be more than eager to hear you out and offer advice.

The best time to rent storage – how do you know?

Sometimes you will know even without thinking – you won’t have any other choice. However, there are other situations where you could potentially do without it, but it would make your life that much easier if you did. Lastly. there are situations where you absolutely don’t need it at all. Moving is expensive as it is. The last thing you need are expenses that you could do without. Renting storage is one such expense. You should try to avoid it, when possible. Still, it is not always possible to do so. Bergen County movers will always help you in your decisions, and make sure to give you valid advice!

Having a gap between the new apartment and the old one

There are certain situations that are very unpleasant, however unavoidable. This is when the dates are set in a way where you have a gap between when you have to move out of your current apartment – and when the new apartment is available. These situations are unpleasant for several reasons, but they are the best time to rent storage! First, you (and your pets, and family) will remain ‘homeless’ for some time, until the new apartment is vacant. During this time you will find a place to stay with your friends, or simply rent a hotel room. This is nothing strange or weird. It actually happens more often than you’d imagine.

the best time to rent storage is when you have pets
Sometimes you are not moving alone.

The remedy for the situation is simple. Give your family or friends a call, and ask for a place to stay for some time. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them, find a motel or a hotel to rent a room in. This could be a bit more complicated if you have pets, as not all hotels are pet-friendly. Still, there sure have to be some that are. One problem solved. But, what do you do with your belongings? What if you have large pieces of furniture that you need to settle somewhere?

This is the best time to rent storage, as well as the only time

This situation is a very good time to rent storage, as well as the only time since you have no other choice. Rarely will a hotel, or some friends, have a large enough space to store all your belongings. The best solution for this predicament is to rent a storage unit and make sure to place all your belongings there. You should keep with you only necessities such as seasonal clothing and medication. The rest you can definitely do without. There are potentially other ways to tackle this, but renting a storage unit is the most convenient one. Granted, it is an extra cost, but it is money well spent!

Living in a small apartment

One other scenario where you could consider renting long term storage is when you are living in a small apartment. It takes very little to turn your small apartment into a small storage unit if you are not careful with your belongings. If there is more than one person living in it things could easily get out of hand. This is the best time to rent storage as this will mitigate the chance of your apartment getting too crowded. You’d be surprised as to how easily things get out of hand, and you start not being able to turn around in your place.

best time to rent storage is when you are living in a small apartment
When your place is small you need to have a backup plan.

This is an expense and not a small one at that. But this is the downside of living in a small apartment. Either you are going to be very careful with the number of belongings you own, or you will have to consider alternative options. The storage services our local movers Montclair NJ offer are an excellent way to mitigate such events.

All in all, storage units can make your life easier. Sometimes, they make such a huge difference that the cost that follows is manageable. Still, you need to carefully assess your situation and then pinpoint the best time to rent storage, for not all situations are well-suited. Be careful not to spend money that you don’t really have to. They are costs that can be avoided, and you should avoid them if you can.

Good luck!

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