What to learn about your new city before moving from Kearny to North Bergen

Even though, just around a 20-minute drive away from Kearny, North Bergen has its own unique charm. Both cities are located in the state of New Jersey but they differ in many regards. So before you hire the best moving companies in NJ to help you in moving from Kearny to North Bergen, you might want to learn more about your new residence. Things you would want to figure out beforehand can vary depending on your personal situation. Not everybody has the same priorities when searching for a home. Nevertheless, there are some things that most people should find useful when informing themselves about a place they intend to live in. Here we will go over a few of them.

a winding road for moving from Kearny to North Bergen
When moving from Kearny to North Bergen, inform yourself about your new home.

Finding work when moving from Kearny to North Bergen

Maybe, it is an enticing business opportunity that is the reason for your move. And you already called our movers in Kearny NJ to relocate you and all your belongings. In this case, you are already aware of the advantages that North Bergen can offer you in terms of work. If not, and you are moving for some other reason, intending to find a job once you have settled in your new home, you might find some of the following information quite useful. There are two main things to consider when talking about work here. First, North Bergen, in its own right, has a growing economy. Second, it is close to New York and offers easy and various transit options to it.

Growing economy

A lot of smaller businesses, not being able to establish themselves in Big Apple, choose to place their head office just across the river. As one of the best movers North Bergen NJ offers, we can attest that many companies have made this decision. This means that cities located on the opposite bank of the Hudson have lately experienced some economic growth. The rising economy is also evident in the fact that the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has urged businesses to relocate to North Bergen for the purpose of stimulating the job market in the area. Finance, health care, and transportation industries have all bloomed because of it. So if you are looking for a job in these fields, North Bergen might be the place to find it.

Commutation to NY

New York City is about half an hour car drive away from North Bergen. Therefore traveling from one place to the other every day for work won’t be too time-consuming. There are also a lot of ways to get there. You can use the subway, bus, taxi, train or car. If you fancy a long walk you could even go on foot. The shortest route is just around 10 miles long. On the other hand, if you are commuting to work by car, finding a parking place in New York can be not only difficult but also expensive. Living in one state and working in the other, can mean more taxes too. So if you are moving from Kearny to North Bergen just to find a job in NY you need to take into account all pros and cons of that decision.

There are a lot of ways to get from North Bergen to New York

Picking a school after moving from Kearny to North Bergen

Relocation to a new home for people who have families, especially with children, poses some extra challenges. Luckily, North Bergen is one of the best places to live for multi-generational families. It has a public school district that offers pre-K to 12 education. This label encompasses everything from pre-kindergarten to senior year of high school. So whether you are moving there with a toddler or a teenager, you don’t have to worry about finding them a school. North Bergen School District has a number of elementary schools to choose from and the North Bergen high school is the only 9th to 12th-grade school in Hudson county. Therefore if you are moving to this town you can count on having a school nearby.


Once you have settled in and unpacked it is time to relax. North Bergen can offer a lot to people who are looking to unwind for a little bit. Those who love nature might be pleasantly surprised to find that city is not all concrete and buildings. In fact, North Bergen is quite well situated for those who are looking to go and have some fresh air from time to time. Besides James J. Braddock Park, there are famous Hudson River palisades. Mainly Palisades Interstate Park is just a short drive away. So if you enjoy hiking or similar activities we suggest you visit these locations.

bicycle on a road
You can do many recreational activities in North Bergen.

Moving from Kearny to North Bergen, you will enjoy James J. Braddock Park

Often called “Central Park of Hudson County,” it is named after the boxing champion James J. Braddock. This large green area can offer something to everybody. You can relax by the Woodcliff Lake which is situated within the park or take a stroll around the park. The view of the New York skyline is simply breathtaking when seen from there. It is a great place to take your pet out for a walk. There are also playgrounds for children. James J. Braddock Park is also home to numerous sporting facilities. Here are some of the sports you could play there:

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball

Make sure to visit Palisades Interstate Park

Situated on the west bank of the Hudson River, just opposite Manhattan, palisades are a must-visit for everybody in the area. The term refers to a long stretch of wooded cliffs that spread through Hudson and Bergen counties in the State of New Jersey. So if you are moving from Kearny to North Bergen you should consider visiting this famous landmark. Over the decades since it was established, in 1900, the Palisades Interstate Park was expanded. It started from Bear Mountain State Park, covering around 10,000 acres. Now it includes nineteen state parks and nine historic sites. Covering about 100,000 acres. It also contains more than 30 miles of hiking and skiing trails.

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