What to do with leftover moving boxes

Cardboard boxes are handy during the move. And you probably have a few boxes that take up space in your house as you read this text. No matter if you hired regular moving team or piano movers NJ – some boxes were left over from your move. But instead of throwing away these boxes, you can use them for some more practical things. So let’s see what to do with leftover moving boxes!

Use your leftover moving boxes smarter

Not sure what to do with leftover moving boxes? We can help you out! As one of the best moving companies Morris County NJ, we provide you with a few ideas that can help you use cardboard boxes in a creative way.

couple - leftover moving boxes
Don’t know what to do with leftover moving boxes? We can help you out!

Firstly, there is a growing tendency to try to make the most of everything before you throw it away. In this way, the “do it yourself” way of thinking not only helps protect the environment but also develops your creativity and can entertain you and your whole family. And there are a lot of things you can do to re-use your moving boxes for – you just need to think outside of the box (pun intended).

How about making some picture frames?

Why would you buy picture frames for when you can make them yourself? In fact, you can make a picture frame quite easily. All you need is medium-thick cardboard, scissors, and glue. You can even ask your moving team to leave you with some moving boxes.

Cut the opening for the frame according to the dimensions of the picture, and on the other side put another cardboard that would be the base and glue it to the opening of the frame. Remember not to glue the frame on all sides, so you can put the picture inside. In order for the frame to stand upright, cut another piece of cardboard and glue it with the rest of the frame at the height that suits you best.

Of course, the frame will not look nice if the color of the cardboard is visible so make sure to decorate the frame. Let your imagination run wild. If you are creative and skillful enough, you can paint it with colors and draw the patterns yourself. If you are not, you can cover the frame with a one-color or you can just cut out an old notebook. This design will look interesting on your shelf, and it is extremely cheap.

Use boxes as a drawer separator

How many times have your underpants and socks been mixed in your underwear drawer? Or you just can’t find something you need because your drawer is in chaos? Use your empty cardboard box by first measuring your drawer and then cutting out the cardboard by dividing the drawer into four parts – or as many pieces as you need. Place the cut cardboard upright in the drawer and divide it into two parts. On that basis, glue two more smaller parts that correspond to the width of the drawer.

Let your imagination run wild.

This separator should be in the shape of a cross. This is the easiest way to use your moving boxes and your drawer will no longer be messy. Let’s see what else you can make.

Make a cat scratcher

If you have this furry friend, you know that they have to sharpen their claws. If they don’t do it on a scratcher, they will do it on your furniture. Scratchers are quite expensive in pet shops, but you don’t have to give so much money when you can make a scratcher yourself.

For this project, you will need a thicker box made of corrugated cardboard. Cut the cardboard in the shape that suits you best, say, in the shape of a square. All you need to do is cut 20, 30, 40 squares like this (depending on how high the scratcher you want) and glue one square to the other. You can decorate the last square by drawing patterns on it and coloring it or pasting it with newspaper clippings. This kind of material will surely attract your cat – and you will save your furniture in the house.

Cardboard vase

For this idea, you will need a glass jar, a roll of toilet paper (which can hold a jar), a CD, a cardboard box, glue, scissors, and a scalpel. The old CD will serve as a base for this vase and will allow it to stand upright. Use a scalpel to cut the box into thin strips, then glue them horizontally to the roll, leaving no gaps. Glue the glued roll to the base. Insert a jar with the plant inside. If you want, you can paint the vase with colors, or you can leave it like this.

You will need a glass jar, a roll of toilet paper (which can hold a jar), a CD, a cardboard box, glue, scissors, and a scalpel.

Decorative boxes of all kinds

Don’t let boxes filled with different things lie on the floor and spoil the interior of your new home. You can also decorate them in fairly simple ways. All you will need is a sewing fabric or some old T-shirt, old belt, scissors, glue, and pins.

Cover the entire surface of the box with a cloth. Glue the material to the box on the inside or bottom so that no glue is visible on the outside. To further secure the fabric to the box, place the pins in the box on the outside. Then measure how much of the strap you need to be able to serve as a holder for the box. Cut it, pierce it, glue it to the box. When you fill boxes with toys, books, magazines, make-up, or anything you can think of, no one will believe that they are, in fact, leftover moving boxes.

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