What to do with excess items in Montclair NJ?

If you are about to move, and/or have moved in the past, one thing has certainly been made clear for you. More items you have to move, the bigger will the cost of the move becomes. In the long-distance moving formula, this is a very direct factor for the price of the move. If you are, looking at local moving, a number of items are technically not part of the price-making formula, but it stands to reason that more items equal more work which will make it so that you pay more for the move. Furthermore, apartments are getting smaller, and it so happens that downsizes are often needed before relocation. With all of that in mind, what are you to do with your excess items in Montclair NJ?

How to recognize them, how to categorize them, and what to do with them? All of that we will cover right here.

Review what you have

First things first. If you are waiting for your Union county movers to relocate you, you have to do it anyway. That is to review your inventory.

It can feel weird having to look up what you have. After all, it is your stuff. Why would you need to look up things you already own? Well, chances are you have more excess items in Montclair NJ than you know. The human mind is many things but it is rarely ever precise. It is hard for it to keep track of many things, all of our possessions included. It often happens that we are surprised by the things we find in our closets and draws. Items we thought nothing of for years.

a checklistJ
Make a list in order to review what you have.

It is because of this that you have to take inventory and see what is it that you actually have. You can’t just wing it when trying to determine what to do and where to find all the excess items you have in Montclair. Before you can even consider what kind of service for downsizing you will need, if any, you have to have a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

Therefore, have a pen and paper with you. Having things written down is the best way to keep track of all items you have.

With all of the previously stated, what concrete actions should you take?

  • Prepare a day for downsizing – in order to figure out what to do with excess items in Montclair NJ you first need to make sure you have them all. Therefore, you will need almost a full day of deep, complete “scan” of all of your possessions before you are done.
  • Be prepared – Pen, paper, and patience.
  • Get help if possible – Someone to talk to while you are busy, maybe to receive some advice or even a helping hand!

Categorize your excess items in Montclair NJ

When you are faced with excess items in Montclair NJ that just have to be dealt with before interstate movers NJ can do their job, you have to think quickly. Hopefully, by now you have already taken inventory and now you know exactly what your excess items are. If that is the case, good, we can now process.

The next step is to categorize your items. There is no one best way to do so. You might find yourself categorizing them by value, by weight, by frequency of use, etc. It really doesn’t matter much. Therefore, we will not tell you that you have to do it our way. Far as we are concerned, do it however you like.

The only important thing is that you definitely need to do it no matter what. There is no compromise. Without any kind of categorization, your downsizing will take longer and be less effective at the same time.

When you do that you can consider what to actually do with your excess items in Montclair NJ. There are four main options.

Consider donating

If the items are of no use to you, they could be of use to someone else. Try to get in touch with any of the many New Jersey Charities you have at your disposal.

blue hands on a white backdrop - excess items in Montclair NJ
A donation is an option.

They will be more than happy to take furniture, clothes, even old electronic appliances.

Selling the items

If you are moving and want every buck you can get your hands on before the Hudson county movers relocation day, you can always sell your items in a garage sale or e-bay.

Throwing them away

Sometimes, there is just no use whatsoever that can be gained from certain items. They have no financial value, no emotional value and are simply taking up space. If that is the case with any of your excess items in Montclair NJ , don’t feel afraid to simply throw them away. Sometimes that is all you can do.

However, sometimes you can try to recycle the items you don’t need. That way you are helping fight climate change while also getting busy with downsizing.

Storing the items

Having a storage Montclair NJ for the excess items you have there is a great way to alleviate the pressure in your apartment and give yourself some space. Sometimes, excess does not mean useless and it is simply something you cannot use right now.

Documents on a shelfs
A storage unit

However, just because you want to leave it for later does not mean you will have to leave it in your attic. Rent storage and store whatever you might need later there.

In conclusion

When it is all summed up, there are plenty of things you can do with your excess items in Montclair NJ. You can sell them, store them, donate them, or simply throw them away. However, as long as you have good downsizing skills and preparation you will be finished up in no time. With the downsizing done, you will have more space to enjoy your Montclair apartment or prepare for your soon to come relocation. Best of luck in both cases!

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