What to do with leftover packing materials

There are a lot of leftover packing materials after the moving day is done. It is only natural. With all the things you have to pack up and move with you, you naturally need a lot of boxes, bags and cushioning material. But, with the successful (and hopefully not too stressful) relocation out of the way and with the unpacking phase underway, one ought to ask what to do with all of that leftover packing materials. We have a few ideas.

Usable leftover packing materials

With moving by your local Passaic County movers, or any others, really, you are now relocated but presented with a question.

Usable leftover packing materials
What to do with all of the usable leftover packing material?

Well, there are two main things to do with the material that is still in usable shape (bags and boxes that are still holding form and purpose)


Somebody is always in need. Be it those who are unlucky enough not to have homes, orphanages or organizations taking food and clothes donations, boxes are always needed. You can help!


We compiled some of the most common ways a cardboard box or any other leftover packing materials can be reused:

  • First and foremost, one might wish to store some things for later use. And, while your main concern should be to find suitable storage (be it outdoor, indoor, climate-controlled or otherwise) in storage Montclair NJ or anywhere else, you should also give concern to the way you will pack your stuff for storage. Properly stored items will be in jeopardy even in the very best of storage facilities. Therefore, be sure to use your leftover packing materials to protect your stored items – be it for a shorter period of time or with the intention of longer storage.
  • Secondly, boxes are still boxes and can be used for stuff around the house, addict or the basement. It is still storing some kind, but this time the state of the box matter not. As long as it is not moved too often, its purpose of holding separated items (like Christmas lights, old comic books or forgotten computer equipment) will be done just ass well.
  • Finally, you can always use packaging materials and boxes for fun. Carboard can easily become a toy. Anything indeed. A bus, a dollhouse – imagination is the limit. Furthermore, who doesn’t like to pop a certain packaging material? Limited reuse, but reuse still it is.

Non-usable leftover packing materials

However, there is some material that is no longer usable as originally intended. For it, there is a different solution


Yes! Recycling is very important in today’s world. It is one of the ways all of us can help in the fight to save the planet. A lot of the leftover packing materials are recyclable.

You should aim to recycle if possible! Every bit helps in the fight to save the planet!


The best example is the fact that you can easily recycle cardboard, but also plastic, paper, and even wood to an extent as well

In summary

All in all, what to do with the leftover packaging materials? Eather reuse them or recycle them! And, should you find no need for any of those two particular options, simply donate them!

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