What is the cost of renting storage in NJ?

Imagine: you are traveling around the world and you need a place to keep your things while you are away. Or maybe you decided to move to a small apartment and you need additional space for the temporary storage of some of your belongings. Whatever the circumstances, life events occur instantly, which causes the need for storage Montclair NJ. Depending on where you live, the cost of renting storage in NJ will slightly vary. But how much exactly?

If you are thinking of renting the storage from a reliable facility, you need to make an appropriate budget. Below we have outlined various factors that affect the cost of renting a storage unit, as well as some average prices.

What determines the cost of renting storage in NJ?

Time, cost, quality - things that influence the cost of storage
There are several factors that influence the cost of storage renting


When renting an in-house storage unit, the location of a particular vault is an important factor in determining the price. Those living in large urban neighborhoods may find that their facilities are more expensive due to high demand. If so, consider renting a storage unit in a nearby suburb. Prices may be lower in less dense areas.


The amount of time you rent a vault is another important factor in determining the cost of renting storage in NJ. In general, self-service facilities typically offer rental on a monthly basis. Some even offer the first month for free. This flexible monthly pricing structure allows the buyer to temporarily store their goods without making long-term obligations. In our opinion, this is the most convenient option. The full-service contract that storage facilities offer vary from company to company. Some insist on a minimum of 3 months, while others offer monthly services.


The amount of what you have will determine what size of the storage is needed. Many full-service and self-service facilities offer different sizes of storage units to meet a wide range of storage needs. Just remember: the more the storage unit is needed, the higher the monthly cost. Therefore, before you throw all your things in storage, we recommend that you first sift through your things. Cleaning unnecessary items will help reduce the cost of your storage.

Service level

As a rule, self-service facilities are cheaper than full-service vaults. This is to be expected, given that the full range of services usually includes pick-up and delivery.


If you decide to purchase storage bins or packing materials NJ in a warehouse, your total cost will increase. Several storage facilities offer customers the opportunity to obtain employment assistance.


Most storage facilities require customers to have insurance. For many customers, storage items may be covered by insurance for their homeowners or tenants. However, the Trusted Choice indicates that “insurance coverage outside the home often has a limit of $1,000, or 10 percent of the policy’s personal property limit, whichever is greater.” For those who do not have insurance, a facility should be able to help you sign up with a storage insurance provider.

So how much does renting storage in NJ cost?

As we already said, the cost of renting storage in NJ depends on your location, availability and the number of items that you plan to store. As a first step, you must decide which unit you need. Along with the average prices for the most popular size units, we have included some guidelines to help you better understand which size unit is right for you.

Average monthly unit cost 5 ’x 10’: $ 75.95

If you are looking for a place to store your lawnmower and other garden tools, a sofa and a chest of drawers, in which there is currently no place or your home, or a dozen or so boxes that you cannot imagine. find a place for, a 5 ‘x 10’ device is right for you.

While the average price for this size in the US is $ 75.95, you can expect to pay more than the metro, for example, in Washington, DC, and in Los Angeles, California. The average price for a standard unit of this size in the United States is $ 69.54, while the average price for a unit with climate control is $ 82.60.

Monthly Average Cost per Storage Unit 10 x 10 ft: $ 122.15

Do you wonder if 10 ’x 10’ is right for you and your belongings? To give you some context, in the 10 x 10 block you can store the furniture and contents of the one-bedroom apartment, including several large appliances.

The average price of a standard 10 x 10 storage unit in the United States is $111.89, and the average cost of an air conditioner is $ 133.01.

The monthly average cost per storage unit 10 x 20 ft: $200.50

If you have several rooms for furniture and things that you can find a temporary house, a block of 10 x 20 is suitable for you. This unit of size is designed to accommodate furniture and appliances from a house with 2-3 bedrooms.

You can expect to pay about $180 per month for a 10 x 20 unit in the US and about $ 222 for the same size as a climate control system. As with other sizes, you should expect that the monthly price will be higher in major cities such as New York and San Francisco.

Where can I find the storage unit?

Regardless of whether you need a place to place things for a short or long term, renting a vault from a reliable facility is the best way to store your belongings before, during and after moving. Renting a warehouse also provides an excellent solution for saving space for those whose homes are full of things.

Finding and renting storage units is like a game of Monopoly – you look for the best price and value.

If you are moving to a new home, you may also need reliable Union County movers. To find the best transportation company to transport your belongings. All moving companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your move will be in safe hands. We wish you good luck and a happy move!

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