What are the most expensive items to move?

Considering the move, you should always do it with the right plan. And, of course, with a better implementation of the same. Moving with expensive things is always risky due to the fact that things are packed at the source. Therefore, there is simply no guarantee that they will safely reach their new destination. If you are lucky, you will get everything in the same state in which they were in your old home. And if you are not, you can get things in two or more pieces at the final destination. Knowing about possible damage before starting something helps a person deal effectively with it. In this article, Gibraltar Van Lines will present to you the most expensive items to move.

So, what are the most expensive items to move?


The piano is one of the hardest things to deal with. When you move, it becomes difficult to pack and move the piano due to its size. In addition, it requires special care because of its price. For safer relocation, it is best to take special items moving services. But this again increases the relocation costs.

Expensive piano
If your piano is really valuable to you, then hiring professionals to move it is the right thing to do

Flat-screen TV

A flat-screen TV is also difficult to pack and move. Its size and sensitivity make it one of the expensive items to pack for a move, and what’s more, it requires specialized moving services. You do not want to lose your precious TV just because you were too cheap to hire moving experts.

Valuable paintings and mirrors

Antiques such as paintings and mirrors are also considered to be some of the most expensive items to move. Due to the sensitivity of these items, they require special attention and care, and for this reason, they are difficult and expensive to handle. That is why hiring fine art movers NJ is always a wise decision. They will know how to move them professionally and safely.


Due to the large size of the mattress, they are difficult to handle while on the move and therefore require special attention. Consequently, special attention requires additional money and therefore turns out to be an expensive process. If you have some favorite mattress, you should consider investing more money in moving it.


Packing and moving carpets is also challenging. And as the level of difficulty in dealing with the carpet increases, it automatically increases the price of moving it. If you try to move it yourself, you may end up damaging it, which will cost you more than hiring professionals.

Red carpet
Its price, as well as special care it requires, make carpet one of the most expensive items to move

So, these are just a few of the most expensive items to move. Safe transport of these items requires the best packers and movers in the area, who will give the safest moving experience. Find the right company, and your valuable items will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

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