What are the items your NJ movers won’t move?

The moving process can sometimes be a little more complicated than you expected. When moving interstate, there is a list of things that need to be done. One of them is hiring moving and storage NJ companies to help you because you cannot do everything by yourself. Now, besides the professional who will be helping you out, there are certain items your NJ movers won’t move for you. This is an important list of things that need to be moved by you. Still, we assure you that, for some of them, we recommend not moving them at all. Let us see what those items are.

What are the items your NJ movers won’t move?

Now, the list is not that long because there really are very few items. Keep in mind that there is are reasons for this and we will explain those reasons soon enough. All reasons are linked to the fact that professional movers take their job very seriously and therefore prevent very problematic situations. By preventing those situations, they also prevent situations where you are not satisfied. You can, henceforth, conclude that by refusing to relocate certain items, they are only being responsible and professional. Let us see what could your movers refuse to relocate.

  1. Hazardous materials are the first items your NJ movers won’t move.
  2. Flammable items. 
  3. Food.
  4. Plants.
  5. Valuable items are something your movers Cedar Grove NJ will not relocate.
  6. Pets.
Plants-items your NJ movers won't move
Some plants belong in the group of items your NJ movers won’t move for you. We will further explain why.

Why would professional movers possibly refuse to relocate these items?

Besides the fact that they are being very responsible and professional, we can further explain why they would refuse to relocate some if not all of the above-listed items. You see, either the items are not safe enough to relocate, or they require too much attention. If they are considered as unsafe, you can understand why movers would refuse to relocate them. If items require too much attention, the situation is the same.

This is because professionals need to provide all your items with the same amount of attention and protection and they cannot spend too much time overlooking just one item. It is alright when you label something as fragile, that is a different situation. Fragile items are taken care of by movers through a certain protocol they use to secure them but that is it. On the other hand, your pet requires constant attention and cannot be treated as an item because it is a living being. You understand the rest.

Hazardous materials and flammable items

When it comes to hazardous and flammable items, there are quite a few that people often want to relocate but in the end, either relocate themselves or do not relocate at all. We have corrosives, bleach, ammonia, and other chemicals or substances that contain these chemicals. We also have paint, gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, and similar. Considering how dangerous everything we have named is, you can understand why anyone would refuse to relocate them. It is just a matter of safety and nothing else.

Most of these cannot be tumbled and cannot be secured enough without constant attention. We recommend that you either move them yourself and keep an eye on them or, even better, not relocate them at all. No long-distance movers or any other will relocate these for you, under any circumstances.

Most chemicals are hazardous and flammable which makes them extremely dangerous.

Plants, food and valuable items

When it comes to plants, you may not be aware, but there are laws in certain states that ban certain plants. This means that if you were to move a plant from one state to another and ask your state to state movers NJ to do this for you, both you and them can get into serious trouble with the authorities and law. We believe that there are some plants you can transfer but you really need to talk to your movers.

When it comes to food, you must check the policy your moving company works by. Relocating food is really complicated, not to mention how it can go bad, damage other items, and attract insects of all sorts. Valuable items have a much simpler explanation. Not every valuable item is necessarily an expensive one, it can be of sentimental value. It is best to keep all valuable items close to you and with you at all times. It is both safer and better.


This explanation may even be the simplest and most logical one. If you would not ask your movers to relocate your child, why would you ask them to relocate your pet? Pets require constant attention and they are not an item you can just secure in the back of the truck. They are living beings which means they should relocate with you in a comfortable car where they will feel safe and have enough space. This is simple logic and you should not, in any possible case, expect your movers to relocate your dog, cat, or any other pet you might have. Not to mention, again, that certain animal species are also banned from some states. You can find a list of pets that are banned and in which state.

First of all, pets are not items and they should not be treated as such. Your movers are hired to transfer items.

These were the items your NJ movers won’t move and explanations as to why

We believe that you now understand what items your NJ movers won’t move and why they won’t move them. It is very simple and logical but it still needs to be emphasized for safety purposes. You are not obligated to know these things, your movers are obligated to inform you about them. Still, ask them. We honestly hope that you never intended to ask your movers to relocate your pet. Nevertheless, with everything else, as always, we wish you good luck!

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