Types of moving insurance to consider

What is it that makes the moving industry of America so huge? Well, first of all, you will agree that there is a great amount of demand. Millions of Americans move each year meaning that you need tens of thousands of moving companies in order to facilitate that moving.

However, what makes the moving industry so huge is that it is so stable. There are responsibilities involved. Associations and regulations that help clients of moving companies feel secure while they are using those services. You know who is responsible and liable for your relocation. Therefore, there are insurances. However, that doesn’t mean that all insurances are made from the same mold. There is a lot of variation. Recognizing this fact, we made this summary of types of moving insurance in order to help you navigate your way through them!

Importance of having moving insurance

Before moving to types of moving insurance we would first like to present our case on why having moving insurance while using moving services NJ (or any other moving services) is so important. If you wish to jump straight to types of moving insurance, you can move to headings down. Jumping this part will not impact those who already decided upon acquiring insurance for their upcoming relocation.

However, for those of you who have not yet decided if having insurance is the best option, we will now explain the whole process and risk of regular relocation in more detail. Let’s say that you are moving from Newark to NewYork. You have hired a company that you have gauged are the best for the price and your things are loaded on the track. From that moment forward you will have no control as to what happens with your item.s

Yes, you are left with the bill of lading which you will sign after receiving your things at the agreed-upon location. However, once you get your things, you notice something. Damage has occurred on one of the furniture pieces. With this realization, you go to your movers. However, there is a catch. You are probably less protected than you think you are, with only pennies on ounces of the items. They do owe you money, yes, but based on the weight of the item, not its actual worth.

Question marks
Why do you need insurance?

This kind of arrangement definitely isn’t optimal. You would agree… Therefore, there are your reasons as to why you need moving insurance. You need to make sure that 100% insured and that you have insurance that you like. That way you can rest easy. Even if there are troubles while moving, there will be protections for you.

Have an honest deal

To further expand the topic of the need for having good insurance. In order to get insurance in the first place, you need good movers. It is one thing to simply hire first office movers NJ you see, but it is something else completely to make your choice based on analysis of the pros and cons of a mover.

Most of the time, minuscule differences won’t matter in the end. There might be some affordability/budget considerations to be given or some special services you didn’t or did need, but differences are not significant. However, if you hire an unlicensed company, you have made a big mistake. Anything we write on insurance predicated on the fact that the company in question is licensed and under legal obligation. If not, there literary isn’t any insurance to be found.

Point of the story – have an honest company for an honest deal. Simple as that.

Main types of moving insurance

Ok, now we are the crux of the matter. Be it that you are hiring a move in Lauderdale, FL, or a storage Montclair NJ, what are types of moving insurance you can expect from your movers.

types of moving insurance - calculator, a pen and papers
What types of moving insurance are there?

There are three main forms (levels) of insurance which you can choose from. These are:

  • Level one. The first level among types of moving insurance is basic carrier insurance. This is actually the kind of insurance we have described to you at the beginning of the text. It offers a small amount of coverage for anything lost or broken while in their care. This comes with the package kind of deal. It is free and to be expected from all moving companies.
  • Level two. This one is definitely more preferable. It covers as much as 125% of the value of possessions being transported. The money itself will depend on factors such as the type of move and the vessel for that movement (basically due to risk probability). This one is not a basic package and will cost you extra.
  • Level three. The fullest of insurance options. Best suitable for office shipments or for especially valuable inventory. They will replace and reimburse you for any item. However, this is also the most expensive of insurance options.

How to choose the right one for you?

So, now that you know types of moving insurance and are ready for your Bergen County movers, one remains. How will you know which option is the best? Well, that will mainly remain a matter of personal preference.

However, it is definitely important to notice that the first option is the default, and great for low-risk local moves, the second one is good for long-distance residential relocations, while level three makes sense for commercial shipping and office relocations.

Stay wary

Finally, we have to make sure you know that you need to report an accident to an insurance as soon as you notice any damage.

three people in suits
Don’t be afraid to complain!

Inspect your things before and after the move in order to make sure that any damage occurred during relocation. Video proof is preferable.

In summary

In conclusion, there are 3 main types of moving insurance, one of which is present in nearly every licensed moving company in the country. Insurance is definitely necessary and we hope that you now know which one will be best suited for your relocation.

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