Tutorial for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move

There is no better feeling than cozying up in a big warm bed. It’s soft, comfortable, and if it’s a king-size, stretching possibilities are limitless. It makes the room look bigger, sleeping more comfortable, but moving – a big hassle. New Jersey homes usually have a lot of open space and the bedrooms are perfect for a king-size. So if you are looking to move to New Jersey but are having trouble moving the bed, don’t throw it away just yet. Read through our quick tutorial for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move that can help you get back to the familiar feeling of coziness and comfort. If you aren’t ready to do the heavy lifting by yourself, hiring a professional moving company such as Gibraltar Van Lines is the next best way to go.

Hiring professional help for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move

Before following the rest of our guide to packing the bed, think about each step necessary to pack your things, especially the bed. If you are not sure that you can do it alone or feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of it, hiring New Jersey movers might be the best option for you. Depending on where you live or where you want to move, the best option is to hire reliable and local movers. New Jersey is a big place, and there are many moving companies, depending on the town or county they operate in. There are many reasons to hire movers locally. One of the most apparent reasons is logistical – it saves you time, money, and effort. For that reason, if you are moving, for example to Hoboken, you would look for moving companies in Hoboken, especially ones that have many years of experience in relocation.

New Jersey skyline
New Jersey has a population of over 8 million people.

No tutorial for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move would be complete without listing movers, depending on where they operate. If you are looking for Hudson county movers that are reliable and have vast experience that can help you move your bed hassle-free, don’t look further. You can find many in that county to help you get back into that comfy bed ASAP.

Getting our king-size bed ready for a move

You are staring at your king-size bed and trying to figure out how to move it. Do you use a van, or do you strap it onto the roof of your car? Are you already overwhelmed with the idea of packing and moving it? First, take a deep breath. You are not the first person to move homes or pack large-sized furniture. Many have moved before you, and many will after you. So learn from their experience and mistakes, and with our tutorial, you will be ready for packing that king-size bed in no time.

Feet hanging from a comfortable bed
Packing a king-size bed for your NJ move might not be as comfortable as sleeping in it.

The first thing you need to do is clean your bedroom. Yes, it would be best if you cleaned the entire bedroom. Why you must wonder? Because that king-size bed probably isn’t the only thing you are packing and moving. And if you are moving the bedroom, you should clean things before you pack them. You wouldn’t want a dirty bed in your new, clean  New Jersey home, would you? Take the sheets off the bed, wash them and pack them with all of your clean sheets in a separate box or bag. After taking off the sheets, make sure you’ve vacuumed under the bed and wiped all surfaces.

Gather all the packing supplies

After carefully preparing the bed for a move, the first task on your hands is to prepare all the supplies you will need. Some of those you will probably have on hand. However, you can get them online or from specialized stores if you don’t. A quick list of items you might need for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move are:

  • A clear plastic bag for the mattress
  • tools to disassemble the bed
  • a cart with wheels on it
  • Packing tape and straps/rope
Boxes and tape needed for packing a king-size bed for your NJ move
Prepare all packing supplies you need beforehand.

Before buying all of these things, you might use just once, consider renting them from professionals. Our movers in North Bergen NJ,  have all the packing materials you might need. Additionally, as a cherry on top, they offer them free of charge. It would be best if you trusted, verified, and reliable movers so that packing a king-size bed for your NJ move is as stress-free as possible.

Disassembling the bed

After cleaning the bed and packing the sheets, you are ready for the next big step. To protect your mattress from things like dirt or liquids, you should store it safely in a bag. These bags are made in sizes that can fit your king-size bed so you can comfortably protect your mattress. After bagging the mattress, you can focus on disassembling the rest of the bed. Use all the tools you have prepared before. You might need a tutorial for dismantling a king-size bed correctly to avoid damaging the bed frame. Of course, hiring professional help from movers in Secaucus NJ will allow you to avoid the damage that might occur when you DIY a job that might be reserved for professionals.

After carefully packing large pieces of bedroom furniture in plastic wrap or furniture blanket, it’s ready for the move. Pro tip: put all the screws or springs in a separate labeled box to avoid losing these essential pieces. Be careful to load the bed carefully into the moving vehicle. This step is where all the mishaps happen and where many people actually damage their belongings. If packing a king-size bed for your NJ move seems daunting, you can always consult professionals for help. You must be extra careful during this step and even when unpacking the bed. Getting your furniture insured during the move might help ease your nerves a little bit if you are moving without a professional’s help. Remember, when in doubt, you can always ask for help.

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