Top reasons to move to West Orange

Once you start considering a certain place for relocation, you like to research it. It is totally reasonable to be thorough and make sure you don’t make a bad choice just because you didn’t inform yourself well enough. There are so many factors to make sure are covered. You need to check how good the education facilities are, how big business opportunities are, what are the living costs, and so many other things. You don’t want to move and start a family in an environment you don’t find safe. A good businessman would never consider some area an option for starting or expanding a business if there is no chance for it to grow. The pandemic was handled really well by West Orange authorities. It would be unfair not to show how good West Orange really is. So, here is a guide about why you should move to West Orange.

Move to West Orange for its location

Everything is so close. You can reach airports, highways, and Manhattan in no time. Location is one of the most important factors of a person’s lifestyle, and West Orange is really the place to be. Minutes from all big sports & entertainment facilities and venues, it’s also a short drive away from the Pocono Mountains, the Berkshires, ski resorts, and some of New Jersey’s Infamous beaches. Newark Liberty International Airport is not more than 12 miles away. Manhattan is only 16 miles away. Everything you need is close by and yet you get the luxury to enjoy the perks of living in a suburban sanctuary instead of having to deal with the hustle of the big city. Don’t hesitate to contact some of the best movers West Orange NJ has to offer and schedule a move to West Orange.

A woman is waiting for city bus.
You won’t have to worry about public transportation once you move to West Orange, it is highly organized.

Great public transportation

Living in a big place like New Jersey is literally impossible without a good public transportation system. You really need to get to school or the office on time and for that, you need an accurate train or a bus. People like to rely on cars, but not everyone has that luxury. So, West Orange provides you with a free Jitney Shuttle to Orange and South Orange train stations. There will also be buses Community Coach, DeCamp, and NJ transit. They really do their best to use buses well. Not to mention West Orange is only minutes away from several NJ transit train stations.

The education system is excellent

One of the more important questions you should ask yourself before calling fine art movers NJ to schedule a relocation is whether the education will be the way you need it to be. You might be a concerned parent and just want to know the situation because of your kids. You might also be a student who is planning a move to West Orange to begin studies there.

Whatever is the case, there is no reason for you to worry. With more the 7000 students in the area and around 50 languages represented, education is really important for West Orange. Out of eleven schools, seven are elementary, three of them are middle schools, and one is a high school. There is also a full-day kindergarten, and many award-winning arts, sports, and culture programs. With more than 300 high school courses, kids can really focus on what they like and what they are talented for.

Restaurants have food from all over the world

People usually tend to choose places with a variety of choices. Food is a pretty big deal in people’s lives and they want to live in a place where they can choose where they will eat whenever they go out to dinner. Unlike a lot of other places, West Orange offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. ‘Shop West Orange’ is a program made to encourage residents to support local businesses and their favorite restaurants. For those who already have some nationally acknowledged restaurants they like, there are chains like Petco, Whole Foods, Kmart, TGI Friday’s, Macy’s, Sears, and Shop Rite. All of them are located in town.

A man is playing golf on a field.
People of West Orange can’t live without golf, it’s a passion.

Golf is adored in West Orange

People love golf in West Orange. There is a big number of golf courses which are some of the best in the state. Lovers of golf don’t forget to go there from all over the country and from abroad when they really want to taste how it’s like to play like an experienced golf man. Just the fact that there are 108 holes of golf tells a lot about it. Here are some of the best courses you can try out:

  • Crestmont Country Club
  • Francis Byrne Golf Course
  • Rock Spring Country Club
  • Essex County Country Club
  • Montclair Golf Club

All of these clubs value good service and love to host people with a passion for golf.

The weather is really comfortable

Once your movers NJ relocate you to West Orange, you will experience continental weather. There are no extremes and people love that. Summers are warm but not scorching and winters can get really cold with a lot of snow but it’s still all within borders of normal weather conditions. Fall has a lot of rain and spring can be really warm and sunny. You can experience all four seasons and not just a few.

Job opportunities arise every year

A move to West Orange will provide you with so many different job opportunities. New hotels are constantly opening, with many chains of hotels already expanding. There are so many tourist attractions, like theaters, museums, and zoos and they all want to employ someone. There are some smaller businesses that are harder to get into but would provide much better salaries. People are constantly moving offices in West Orange. Not to mention that starting your own business wouldn’t be a bad idea in a booming economy like this one.

A lot women are sitting in a restaurant, eating and talking.
West Orange is known to have some of the best restaurants in the area.

Healthcare is among the best in the county

The pandemic has been handled well by West Orange. Lockdown was really effective and wearing masks helped a lot. Now, vaccines are available to everyone, and the number of infected is really decreasing. However, even if we don’t talk about the pandemic, every other aspect of healthcare is really well organized that you should seriously consider a move to West Orange.

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