Top places in Bergen County for young couples

Bergen County is one of the most popular places to live in New Jersey. If this is your choice, believe us, you didn’t make a mistake. Most young people live in this district, but the place is ideal for all ages. When we talk about the lives of young couples, this place is always at the top of their list of favorite cities. That is why we have prepared this text for you. We will single out some of the more popular places in Bergen County for young couples. If you decide to take this step, don’t forget that you will need professional help to move. That’s why we suggest you hire one of the proven moving companies like Gibraltar Van Lines. This is friendly advice for you. And because moving is a very difficult and complicated process. Especially for someone who moving for the first time.

Looking for places in Bergen County for young couples
When you looking for places in Bergen County for young couples, be well informed about the lifestyle in the chosen place.

Bergen County

Bergen County is one of the most popular counties in New Jersey. According to the latest census data, its population is about one million. Bergen County is a district in the vicinity of New York, through which the Hudson River crosses. While the George Washington Bridge connects this district with Manhattan. In addition to the beautiful view from the bridge, this place is adorned with green areas. They make up a large number of parks, which cover as much as 9,000 hectares. As for the economic status, it’s satisfactory. Bergen County is one of the richest counties in the United States. Where each household has an income of about $ 85,000. When rent prices are taken into account, a decent living figure is obtained. So, the economic status in this district is very favorable.

Young people choose this district the most, because of good education and fun. This place is ideal for student life. Bergen County has as many as 45 public high schools and 23 private schools. All are highly rated and good education is guaranteed here. As for fun, it’s guaranteed. You will be able to spend all your free time in a quality way. So, in Bergen County, you can find a large number of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Souvenir shops, wardrobes, sports equipment, and supermarkets are not far behind. So this place has everything necessary for young couples. One interesting fact about this district is that Bergen County has been declared the healthiest district. As if it takes the third place for best young professionals, and the best education.

Popular places in Bergen County for young couples

We have already said that Bergen County is one of the richest places to live in the United States. And that because of its convenience for living, it’s one of the favorite places to settle. If your decision is to move to this district, Bergen County movers will be of great help. We have selected for you three top places to live in this county.

  • Ridgewood
  • Glen Rock
  • Allendale
A couple preparing to move
Once you choose your place to live, the moving process follows.

The choice of these places is determined on the basis of crime, quality of schools, things to do, and cost of living. Based on this research of place Ridgewood, Glen Rock, and Allendale occupy the first three places as the best places to live in Bergen County. If you choose one of them, know that you will need to organize your move. Inquire about moving costs NJ. And based on that, choose a moving company and organize a budget. Moving can be a very complicated process, and our friendly advice to you isn’t to go into it alone.


Ridgewood is one of the best places to live in Bergen County. A special feature of this place is that it’s only a 20-minute drive away from Manhattan. So Ridgewood is very close to all the happenings in Manhattan. If you want to find a new place to live in this district, we have singled out some of the more important features of this place.

  • The demographics of this city are 80% white, 14% Pacific Islanders, and 2% African Americans. While 70% are younger couples, and the remaining 30% are families with children. The average income per household is about 170,000 USD, and people are mostly employed in the fields of health, economy, education, and real estate.
  • The quality of life in Ridgewood can be called very favorable. Its inhabitants earn very well, which makes this place one of the most favorable for living. The crime rate in this place is very low, so there is no reason to worry about that. Although the inhabitants of this place are fans of firearms, they are also very religious.
  • Other important features of Ridgewood are public transportation and a good neighborhood. In this place, you will not have worries about public transport. You can go wherever you want without worry. And the neighborhood is good, kind and they accept their new residents nicely.

Glen Rock and Allendale, two other popular places to live in Bergen County

In Glen Rock, you can find a lot of beautiful parks, good schools and a variety of public services. This is a very safe and quiet place, so you don’t have to worry about crime. The school system is very developed and education is very important for everyone. So here you can find 7 public schools and 1 private. The neighborhood of this city is always in a friendly mood, smiling, and very kind. Everyone loves their life in this place. This is a small family place, ideal for young couples who want to start a family and stay here forever.

Professional movers and packers
Don’t embark on the moving process by yourself, but seek professional help.

Allendale is a small place, and one of the ideal places in Bergen County for young couples. This is primarily a family place that has its beauties. It consists of beautiful parks, lots of greenery, and open space. It’s an ideal place for couples who want a quiet life. One of the beauties of this place is a beautiful lake where you can swim and enjoy all summer long. Allendale is a place not far from the city, but it has its beautiful restaurants and good schools. So, if you have already decided, get a free moving quote and start planning your move. If the road leads you to this site, and if you are looking for a more peaceful life, this is a great choice for you.

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