Top Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs

New Jersey’s Essex County is one of the most popular places to live in the state. Located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, it is close to big metropolitan areas. Although, life here is much slower, and relaxed. You get all the benefits of living near New York, while not having to deal with the cons. It’s the best of both worlds. With its ever-growing population and excellent job prospects, it’s no wonder more and more young people are moving here. Before you embark on your move, you’re going to need some basic information about the county. To help you choose, we’ve researched top Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs. Rest assured that you won’t regret moving to any one of these wonderful cities.

Finding the right movers for your relocation to Essex County

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Let professionals take care of all your moving needs.

One of the best Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs is South Orange Village Township

Firstly, let’s look at one of the gems of Essex County – South Orange Village Township. This town has a rich history that dates all the way back to 1666. It’s a quaint, tight-knit community located just 17 miles away from New York City. In turn, this makes it the perfect city for any young entrepreneur. What makes this town especially charming is numerous historical influences. Many houses date back to the 19th century and you can find authentic Tudor, Victorian and Colonial units. If you’re interested in historical architecture, you’re in for a treat. Furthermore, many streets are lit with working gas lamps. More importantly, the township is well connected to other areas and major highways are only minutes away. You won’t have any trouble settling into your new neighborhood in South Orange.



Next, we’re looking at another township. Montclair boasts a vibrant and diverse young community, perfect for young entrepreneurs in Essex County. It is also located near New York City, under the First Watchung Mountain. Within the city, you’ll find a flourishing arts community, complete with many galleries and boutiques. If you’re a working artist, fine art movers NJ can safely relocate your belongings to Montclair. Downtown is packed with different shops, businesses, restaurants, and lively nightlife. You’ll have no trouble setting up business here. Furthermore, it houses the second largest university in New Jersey. If you’re moving with a family and plan on staying, this is a huge bonus. On top of that, Montclair is a leader in renewable energy and clean living. N.J. Board of Public Utilities has pronounced it a Clean Energy Leader.

new york city
Montclair is a great choice if you want to remain close to NYC.

Consider Maplewood if you’re a young entrepreneur

Maplewood, New Jersey is a lovely township mere 18 miles away from Brooklyn, New York. It was once a part of South Orange Township. Today, it is said to be very similar to Brooklyn – hip, urban and lively. Nonetheless, it also differs in many ways. Lots of green spaces, big colonial homes, quiet roads, and parks are what differentiates it from the NY neighborhood. Furthermore, crime rates are low and the salaries are substantial. Due to the convenient public transport system, many young businesspeople choose to relocate to Maplewood. It offers them all the benefits of a quaint suburb while remaining close to metropolitan business areas. You’ll surely be able to find a home that suits you and relocate easily with the help of movers Essex County NJ.


One of the best towns on this list is Bloomfield, a suburb of Newark. Out of all Essex County cities we’ve listed, it has the most active business communities. Its ever-growing populace is composed of businessmen and women working downtown as well as in nearby Newark. It’s home to Bloomfield liberal arts college which dates all the way back to 1868. Public schools in Bloomfield are all above average, making it a great city if you have kids. Additionally, it’s a STEM-focused area. Bloomfield Tech School was awarded the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence. This is the highest award a school can get from the United States Department of Education. If your youngsters are at all interested, Bloomfield might be the best Essex County city for you.

Bloomfield is one of the top Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs with a family
Choose Bloomfield if you’re looking for top Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs.

Newark NJ is still one of the best cities in Essex County

Last, but not least is Newark, the most populated city in New Jersey. As an air, shipping, and rail center, it’s the perfect city for anyone looking to build their business. A number of international companies have their headquarters in Newark, making it a real business hub within Essex County.

To recap, here’s our list of cities in no particular order:

  • South Orange Village Township is a perfect place for history buffs
  • Montclair is an artists heaven
  • Maplewood, the Brooklyn inspired suburb
  • STEM-focused Bloomfield
  • Newark, the international business hub

This list isn’t definite, and there are many cities that didn’t make the cut. In conclusion, Essex County cities for young entrepreneurs are numerous and varied. There’s something for everyone. You’ll certainly be able to find a community that suits your needs and wishes.

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