Top Essex County cities for raising a family

Are you considering moving to New Jersey? Is Essex County the first to come to your mind when thinking about living in New Jersey? It’s no wonder, it is. You are on the right trail, keep going. Movers Essex County NJ are here to help you chose among the top Essex County cities for raising a family. You don’t want to miss the place with the best schools, the best coffee and dinner places, the best parks. Also, where to settle and be carefree of the high crime rate?

Essex county cities for raising a family
Beautiful quiet suburban surroundings are ideal for raising a family

Top Essex County cities for raising a family

We have consulted on this matter and put up a short overview for you.  This ranking is based on the following top key factors:

  • the quality of local schools
  • crime and safety
  • cost of living
  • family amenities

If you want to learn more, here is where all the data we’ve used in this article come from.

Some general info first

Essex County is located in New Jersey near New York City with a population of 795,404. In Essex County, most residents are families and young professionals. Generally,  residents of Essex County tend to be liberal. 56% of the population rent their home and the median rent is $1,178 while the other 44% who own their homes paid for their houses’ median home value of $386,000. The housing and living costs are high because of its excellent location near New York City. The average income per capita is $54,500 and the unemployment rate is 5.2%.  Finding the perfect home in NJ isn’t easy and then the big moving day is yet to come. Most probably the best option for you will be to hire professional movers NJ.

Where to move your family in Essex County

The first three best-ranked cities for families are Upper Montclair, North Caldwell,  and Livingston Township. Wherever you decide to relocate you will need help with packing and transporting all the things you possess, especially artwork. That is where fine art movers NJ come as an irreplaceable resource for your project.

Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is a friendly, suburban area of New York City with a population of 11,589. It is a  very progressive and family-friendly town with beautiful homes, multiple downtowns, restaurants, art museums, beautiful parks, and a great highly ranked school system that doesn’t just teach children how to do well on the test.

a young woman choosing a book from a shelf in a public school library
All the public schools in Essex County are highly rated

North Caldwell

North Caldwell is a suburb of New York City with a population of 6,615. It is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Living in North Caldwell offers residents quietness and a rural feel. Most residents own their homes here.  The town is very safe and has a very friendly neighborhood. However, this is a quiet family place with very few things to do in town. For restaurants, attractions, parks, you will have to go out of town. You would like to enroll your kids in school here since the public schools in North Caldwell are highly rated.

A very quiet and safe small town. The main reason people live here is the town’s public schools. Livingston provides a great education. The transition between kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school is very well coordinated. However, it lacks entertainment and restaurants and if you are without dependant children choose some other cheaper neighboring towns.

Now when you have a few hints on what are the top Essex County cities for raising a family you can explore more on your own before deciding where to move in the county.

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