Top 7 NJ places for artists

Art makes many hearts beat faster. If you are wondering which NJ places are best for artists here you will find the answer. In some cities, it is especially fun to look for traces of artistic expression because this is not only possible in museums or galleries! Making a living from your art can be hard, but art does not always have to be bread and butter. Culture and creativity are important economic factors that provide employment, turnover, and income. Movers NJ will tell you which cities are the top 7 NJ places for artists.


Newark is the most populous NJ place for artists that have much to offer. It is one of the best NJ places for artists to be in. New Jersey Performing Art Center is one of the biggest performing arts centers in the States. If you need inspiration, you can go and visit the Newark Museum of Art where its art collection is among the top 15 art collections in America.

NJ places for artists
With a population of around 280.000 people, there is a lot of opportunity for you as an artist to get to success you deserve.

Cape May and Montclair are NJ places for artists

If you decide to move to Cape May with the help of Passaic County movers you will not regret it. Cape May is a peninsula and an island. Also, this beautiful place with only around 3.000 people is a place for you if you look for your inspiration in solitude and peace. If you love beaches here you can find some of the most beautiful beaches on the Middle Atlantic coast. Montclair is a city with a population of around 37.000 and growing. Montclair is known to host many art institutions and theaters. Even though it is a small place there are many art venues that are being organized here. Montclair has an art museum, the Montclair Art Museum.

Princeton and New Brunswick

This is the place where prestigious Princeton university is based. This city of almost 30.000 has a lot to offer. Also, the location of Princeton is almost in between New York and Philadelphia making it perfect if you need to travel frequently to any of these cities.  New Brunswick is only 30 miles away from New York, so it is perfect for the artist that needs to travel there frequently. With a population of around 55.000 people, it has much to offer from Museums to Art Galleries to Theatres as an artist you will find many places to prosper here.

Jersey City and Paterson also are NJ places for artists

As the second most populated city in New Jersey state, Jersey City is one of the top NJ places for artists. With a population of around 260.000, this city has a lot to offer. It is also called the 10th most artistic city in the USA. Paterson is one of the biggest cities in New Jersey, and with that, it offers many opportunities for artists.

Woman painting on wall
If you decide to move here you will have an opportunity to meet new people that can maybe inspire you to create new art.

Contact movers Parsippany NJ after you figure the best NJ place for you as an artist. In the end, that decision is all up to you. Therefore after you make your decision just give them a call and they will help you with the whole relocation.

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