Tips for moving in bad weather

Moving is not just about packing, changing address and canceling your membership at the gym. It challenges you in ways you wouldn`t have imagined. When you are ready to leave your old home in search of a better life in a new one, it might just start raining cats and dogs. Moving in bad weather happens all the time. This is why it is very important to not get caught off guard. We are here for you to offer some excellent tips for moving in bad weather. We want you to move without any stress. Additionally, we can recommend movers NJ to help you in rain, snow, heat, and ice.

Consult with your moving company

The first step you need to take is when hiring a moving company. Ask them about their policies when it comes to moving in bad weather. You will need to find out whether they will postpone the move and in which cases. Furthermore, if you are using the packing service, ask about additional protection in cases of severe weather. You can monitor the weather forecast, but in reality, you need to know what to expect in every situation, especially when moving from NJ to GA.

moving in bad weather is not always smart. car in motion on snowy streets
Moving in bad weather includes snow, storms, rain, wind, ice, and extreme heat

What to do if it rains?

If it rains heavily on your moving day, see if you can postpone the move, even for a bit. This applies to the moving company and also for the DIY move. Check if the moving van can be parked as close to the house as possible. In this way, you will prevent getting soaking wet. Additionally, heavy rain can damage your cardboard boxes, so pay close attention to that. When you need to get the moving boxes out of the house, place old towels, newspapers, sheets, or similar on the floor.

Furthermore, have some people inside the house and the rest outside the house. The first ones will hand moving boxes over to the other ones. There is actually no need for everyone to get in and out of the house in the rain. Cover the boxes with moving pads, or blankets until they are inside of the moving van. Experienced movers are already used to this, and that is why it is highly important that you choose a reliable moving company. There are many risks of hiring amateur movers, especially when bad weather is a possibility.

Moving in bad weather includes snow

When it is snowing, it brings you a whole new set of challenges. You can apply the same tricks as with the raining weather, when it comes to protecting your boxes and floor, of course. However, when it is snowing, you need to shovel the path from your house to the moving truck. Make sure there is no snow or ice for that matter on the driveway. Pour some salt over the driveway to prevent this. Have someone in your new house as well, if you are moving nearby to do the same there. Moving is not so much of the problem as it is approaching your home. It is very important to know how to prepare your new home for movers.

A sunny day is not good weather

Hot and cold weather are both considered bad weather. Moving in bad weather means that you can damage your health or your items because of external conditions. Although it may seem better to move on a warm, sunny day rather than in a snowy one, it is best to be prepared. If you do not wear sun protection, for example, you may get sunburnt. Or, if it is too hot, and you do not have cold beverages at hand, both you and your movers can dehydrate. In order to prevent this, make sure to have sun protection lotions and enough water for everyone.

gloves, mittens, red scarf
Dress properly to match the weather conditions, otherwise, you may get ill after the move is done

Dress for the occasion

Depending on the forecast, you need to choose your clothes wisely. In summer, make sure to wear light clothes in bright colors. They will keep the sun off, and prevent additional sweating. We already mentioned a lot of water and sun protection lotions are a must. On the other hand, when moving in winter, you should have the following:

  • a cap
  • gloves
  • winter jackets that can withstand wind
  • warm waterproof boots

When moving in the rain, dress warm and make sure to have some spare umbrellas. It will protect the boxes from getting wet, and this is really important.

When you arrive at your new home

When you arrive at your new home, it is essential that you unpack as soon as possible, especially if you are moving appliances. Your boxes have probably caught some of the rain or snow already, so open them as soon as you walk in the house. This will allow your items to breathe. Furthermore, your belongings will not get wet as well, so you are protecting them from further damage. If you react quickly, all of the boxes can be saved. Moving in bad weather is not always a great solution, but it is definitely something that you can manage.

lightning bolts
If the weather is really bad so that it can severely impact your trip and your belongings, cancel it.

If the weather is really bad, cancel the move

When you or your movers assess the situation, sometimes the only option is to simply cancel the move. When the damage to your items is inevitable, or the weather conditions are dangerous, it is better to do it some other day. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all. Your goal is for you and for your household items to reach the destination in a safe manner. There is no need to rush, you will achieve your goal and move to a new place very quickly. Moving in bad weather should not be taken for granted, if it poses a threat, just cancel or postpone it. Good luck!

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