Tips for throwing a virtual housewarming party in NJ

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, throwing a virtual housewarming party in NJ has become a new norm for many people. Because most people will not be able to come to your house, you will have to organize a way for them to see it. The inability for people to come maybe because of COVID or even because you are far away from your friends and family. None-the-less, hosting a virtual tour is the safest and easiest way you can introduce your friends and family to your new home. Moreover, hiring moving companies NJ will make your relocation experience easier and stress-free.

How to host a virtual housewarming party in NJ?

Taking your celebration online is the safest way you can introduce your relative and friends to your new home. Moreover, it even might be an easier way. Rather than having guests over a couple of days after you move in, you can gather them on the same video call and show them your home. When we move in, we want to relax and enjoy our new home. Having constant visitors might not allow us to take our well-deserving rest. However, we understand how important and valuable it is to introduce your close ones to your new home. So, without putting anyone at risk, you can utilize some of these tips to host a virtual housewarming party in NJ:

  • Choose a solid streaming platform
  • Send out invitations on time
  • Plan out a virtual tour of your home
  • Decorate and clean-up
a girl waving at her phone while hosting a virtual housewarming party in NJ
Carefully plan your activities and see if your friends and relatives can make it to your housewarming party

These simple, yet useful, tips are the easiest and safest way you can show everyone your new home. So, while movers Verona NJ help you relocate, you can spend time preparing for the housewarming party.

Choose a solid streaming platform

Now, just because one is familiar with many different apps we use in our day and age, does not mean everyone is. You have to take this into consideration. Namely, you know your family and friends the best. So, be sure to choose the right platform for this event. When opting for a streaming platform you can choose some of the social media or even other communication apps. However, make sure your family and friends know how to manage the application with ease. The best choice is to go with something everyone is familiar with, so you know there will be no issues. Another factor to take into consideration is the quality of the video on the streaming platform. Do the research and see which one suits your needs the most.

Send out invitations on time

After you chose the right platform it is time to let everybody know. Luckily, we live in an age where communication has no limits. So, you can choose the way you want to send those invites. However, you should first make sure everyone is free that day. The best way to host a virtual housewarming party in NJ is to let everyone know on time. For instance, try and check in advance when is the best time to organize this party. So, once you have done this, you can either make individual phone calls, send text messages or send e-mails to those you wish to invite. Another great way to see what date suits the best is to create a group chat with all your friends and family, in order to have a closer understanding of the situation.

Plan out a virtual tour of your new home

All of your friends and family have gathered to see your new home. That is exactly what you should do. Organize a tour of your new home. So, as movers Essex County NJ unload your items, you can plan out which items will go where.

a woman laying in bed talking with someone on a video call
Show your new home to all the people you invited to your housewarming party

From the moment your items start coming into your apartment you should start planning your new home. By doing so, you will have the house ready in a short notice. Doing this you will be able to focus on other things, such as making plans for your party.

Decorate and clean up for your virtual housewarming party in NJ

The best way to make a good impression is to have your home neat and tidy. So, make sure you indulge in cleaning and decorating your home before the event. However, this is something you should do regardless of the situation. The best way to ensure a good relocation experience is to clean the house the moment you move in. Do it room-by-room and prepare everything for the big party.

different types of plants on a shelf near a window
Plants give your rooms life, but you can always be festive around holidays and decorate according to the holiday

Moreover, you can decorate your home to make it homey. Firstly, this will make you feel more comfortable. Secondly, we have no doubts your friends and relatives will be amazed by it. Be careful tho, there are some home decoration mistakes you want to avoid. A clean and decorated home is the best way to show that you feel at home in your new house. Most importantly, this is something that will reduce stress levels at the start of your new life.

Plan out some fun activities during the video call

You should utilize the time you will spend with your close ones to have some fun activities together. Unfortunately, you are not close to each other to enjoy them in real life. This does not, however, mean you cannot enjoy them via streaming platforms. Try and organize some fun activities to enjoy with your friends and family. For instance, you can arrange a dinner over the video call or celebrate with a bottle of champagne or wine. You can enjoy dancing to some music, play some social games or simply chat away. There are many different ways you can have fun during a virtual housewarming party in NJ during this period and you can choose the best way.

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