Tips for storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen

There is a proper way of packing your fragile items whether you are storing them or preparing for a move. It is not only important to prevent damage that occurs during transportation by packing the fragile items in the best way possible. You could find and hire movers North Bergen NJ to handle that for you. However, what you should also pay attention to is the environment in which they are going to be stored. It should provide protection against climate conditions, elements, and theft. In the text below, you will get some tips for storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen.

A person storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen
Storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen is crucial for your item’s safety.

Gather up enough packing supplies

When you are gathering packing materials for your fragile items, better stay away from used old boxes. They tend to become weak and unreliable, as they weaken over time due to moisture and previous damage. Instead you should get durable moving boxes and packing materials meant specifically for packing fragile items. They will ensure that your items are not damaged in the case that the box bumps into something or is dropped. Packing in the right way also ensures that your fragile items are protected from the elements in North Bergen. If you are moving commercially, items like display monitors, copy machines, and glass ornaments need special protection. Hiring office movers NJ will ensure that your items are properly packed and moved to your new office space. Also, keep in mind that some storage spaces offer packing materials and moving supplies.

One of the most common packing supplies that you need to get are:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Mirror boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Stretch wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Mattress covers
  • TV and furniture covers
  • Wardrobe boxes

Make sure to use the right equipment for storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen

Make sure that everything that you have packed up remains in one piece once you have finished packing. Seek help for the lifting of heavy items instead of doing that on your own. You should be looking only for storage facilities that offer a driver and a move-in truck, including all the equipment and tools such as dollies and ramps. Also, make sure that the facility has loading docks and forklifts if you have items such as large files or antique furniture.

Look for climate-controlled storage

You should rent climate-controlled storage in NJ if you are storing items such as books, wooden furniture, and documents, which can react to moisture. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to do this if you are storing your items for more than a few months. Make sure that the indoor temperature is consistently between 53°F and 84°F. This range is usually good enough for maintaining humidity levels and preventing moisture.

An enclosed storage facility
Make sure to rent a storage unit in a storage facility that is enclosed.

The storage facility for storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen should have covered access

One thing that goes in the way of storing fragile items the right way in North Bergen is rain. Therefore, you should look for storage units that have either a drive-through or covered bays. This will ensure that your items are protected from the elements when loading and unloading take place. Besides that, it will make it more comfortable for you when you are moving these items. However, Gibraltar Van Lines would be able to do all of the aforementioned things for you in an efficient and professional manner.

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