Tips for storing collectibles

People collect a lot of different things, either because they are passionate about something, or because they want to benefit from it. From comic books to antique furniture, everything can be collected if it is quite unique. But in any case, storing collectibles properly is important, and Gibraltar Van Lines professionals know this. To preserve the original appearance of your collectibles, you must be very careful when storing them. Paper products suffer from high humidity during storage, vinyl, and furniture may suffer due to high temperatures. Different types of collectibles require different approaches. Here we look at some of the most common methods of protecting your precious items.

Watch collection
People can collect anything, like old watches

Choosing the right storage for storing collectibles

It doesn’t matter if it is your vinyl collection or paper comics, you need to choose the right storage option if you want to keep your collectibles safe. The first and most important thing is humidity. Moisture can damage everything that is made of paper or wood. Even if you pack your things properly, you need to control the humidity. It can even penetrate the very best plastic packaging. It can easily make the covers of your comic warp and spotted. And the furniture suffers from many of the same problems. Therefore, make sure that the humidity is kept constant.

Temperature is also an important factor when storing items. Constant temperature fluctuations can be a very bad thing. Especially for plastic items such as vinyl or your collection of toys. As we all know, all things expand at a higher temperature and shrink when the temperature drops. And everything that expands and contracts can deform the plastic and even wood.

There are many different options when choosing storage NJ. Therefore, when deciding, you should choose a place that is not too close to the water. Especially salty water. But even if you choose the best possible place, the temperature and humidity will still change. That is why the best option for storing collectibles is to rent storage with climate control. Thus, you can be sure that the temperature and humidity will be at a constant level.

Packing collectibles for storage

Bubble wrap
You also do not want your items to move inside the box, so use a lot of bubble wrap for storing collectibles

Getting a good, spacious and air-conditioned storage is a great start. Now you can be sure that your collection will be protected from temperature and humidity. But these are not the only things that can affect your collectibles. You should also make sure that all these precious items are packed correctly.

To get to the storage, your items will have to go through a bumpy ride in the back of a truck. Therefore, you better make sure that they are well-protected. The fact that a toy or a figure is still in the original box does not mean that it is safe. Most collectibles are worth even more when they have intact packaging. That is why it is very important to purchase quality boxes for yourself. There are many options for moving boxes in New Jersey, but there are a few more things to keep in mind.

Some items will be fine if you put a pair of them in one box. For example, trading cards will not be damaged if you put them on top of each other. Provided that they are protected by plastic covers. But if you try to transport a box with porcelain figurines, you will have problems. Assess how fragile the items you carry are. If colliding with each other can damage them, then it is best to place them in separate, smaller boxes.

Proper storage of collectibles

Different types of collectibles require attention to different types of details. And it is impossible to cover everything about storing collectibles in one guide. If your collection is really valuable or very expensive for you, you should definitely consult with experts in this field. But for some things you do not need experts. You just need to think it over and use some time-tested practice.

Storing antique furniture

Antique furniture is not only very valuable but very well made. Here are some tips on how to properly store antique furniture:

  • Avoid cracking and splitting by waxing the furniture before putting it into storage.
  • Empty the drawers and cabinets so that other items do not damage your furniture.
  • Do not use bubble wrap to cover furniture. The wood must breathe, and a bubble or plastic wrap will simply suffocate it. Instead, use cotton sheets or other fabric to cover them.
  • Keep the furniture upright to protect it from unforeseen circumstances. Putting furniture on wooden pallets is good practice.

Storing vinyl records

Vinyl records are experiencing a new renaissance lately. And their prices continue to rise. And trends suggest that over time their price will continue to rise. Therefore, be careful when storing your collectibles. If your pieces of vinyl are now valuable, imagine how much they will cost in a couple of years. Here are some tips for properly handling your vinyl pieces:

  • The ideal temperature for vinyl is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to get as close as possible to this.
  • Keep your vinyl records upright and order them by size. Avoid mixing different sizes and keeping them close by.
  • When working with paper sleeves, make sure that your hands are washed, dried and do not contain lotions.
  • Cover the record, and then the cover with the plastic sleeve.
Vinyl record
Vinyl records can be really valuable, so it is extremely important to store them properly

Toys and figures

When it comes to toys and figures, people collect them for various reasons. Sometimes they can be very valuable. And sometimes they are just someone’s passion. Regardless of what’s the matter, here are some tips for storing toys and figures:

  • Avoid direct sunlight when storing collectibles as this may lead to loss of color of collectibles.
  • Also, avoid fluorescent light. This may cause your collectibles to turn green.
  • Do not allow dust to accumulate. Over time, it can form a dark layer that will be almost impossible to clear.
  • Avoid bugs by checking your collection on a regular basis. Bugs are often attracted to toys and can make holes in them.
  • Do not put toys in an airtight bag. This seems like a good idea, but if even a small amount of moisture remains, it can turn into mold.

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