Tips for staying in touch after a long-distance move

Everyone knows that relocating home is a hard task and not easily performed if you are moving by yourself. You must organize, pack safely, and search for the best moving companies in NJ. But for some people, the hardest part is the fact that they will be far away from their best friends. It is the emotional aspect that can make the whole relocation ten times harder if neglected. Therefore, we will help you today by providing a few tips on staying in touch after a long-distance move. And do not worry, we will find a way to keep you connected with your loved ones.

Don’t let this topic distracts you much, you must prepare for the relocation first

Before you even begin stressing about staying in touch after a long-distance move, you must prepare for it first. If you let emotions dictate the pace, you won’t reach your destination on time. More importantly, you might miss a step or two and endanger the whole relocation project. Hence, start creating a moving checklist by writing down all responsibilities that await you. And to do it right, you must inspect the environment and the belongings you have. Visit each area of your home and figure out how many pieces of furniture there is.

Also, you can figure out how many boxes there will be and if any piece of furniture needs special attention. Moreover, you should note down if anything poses a danger to your movers and yourself. Remove the obstacles ahead and you may begin calculating moving costs. And remember to note down the quantity of moving supplies required for this job. If you gather all the info, you will be able to calculate moving costs and prepare for the next step accordingly. And that would be the search for the best long distance movers NJ. It is important to find a reliable moving company and reduce the chance of moving mishaps to zero. After the emotional turmoil you are going through, you do not need moving mishaps as well.

Staying in touch after a long-distance move is entirely possible

It is possible and much easier than you think. Staying in touch after a long-distance move is extremely easy nowadays due to the all technology available. So, no matter where you are located, you can still get the latest updates in a matter of seconds. Simply by using social networks, chat groups, or long-distance calls, you can stay in touch easily. Not to mention that this solution goes beyond a simple phone call. You can see each other, send pictures, share stories, or play games together. Yes, we know that nothing can replace real face-to-face communication but this is the pick of the litter when we talk about the virtual connection. At least you will maintain the connection until you see each other again.

A woman holding her phone
A simple phone call once in a while will do the trick.

Chat groups, social networks, calls, and facetime

As we already mentioned, technology is amazing and it will give you the opportunity to keep your friends closer than ever. In some situations, even closer than in the past where you had your friend living next door. Don’t get this wrong but people tend to take things for granted and it happens all the time to most of us. Once you relocate you will realize how much your friends mean to you and how much you miss them. But do not worry much because with a simple click and 30 seconds of your time you can obtain one of the applications below and connect with your friends. Choose one of the following:

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
A phone with social network applications
With social networks, you will easily stay in touch with all your friends.

One more thing, do not post moving details on social media but keep the conversation going in the private chat. Keep yourself and your family safe.

Throwback to your true nature, send a letter

Your friends will be delighted if one morning they find a letter from you waiting in the mailbox. Yes, the old fashioned way. You can write several pages explaining how you are feeling and what is happening in your life lately. This is a nice gesture and a wonderful way to truly connect with someone. Your friends will appreciate it and cherish this event forever.

Writing a letter is a nice way of staying in touch after a long distance move
Write a letter to your loved ones. It would be a nice gesture.

Travel the world together!

Now when you are the adults, each of your friends has responsibilities and different things going on in their lives. Once you add the distance between you to this equation, you’ll realize that you can’t see them as much as you did before. Therefore, an amazing solution would be to organize a travel group among a couple of your best friends and hit the road. It can be once in a couple of months locally, or once a year abroad. Whatever you prefer better. So, check your friend’s busy schedules, provide the idea, and wait for feedback. You might get surprised by the warm welcome this idea will receive.

You will be staying in touch after a long-distance move if you visit each other

Despite all solutions we provided above, you can still visit each other. Yes, it won’t be every week like you got used to it, but at least you can organize a gathering once a month. You can visit first and then your friends will follow. Or you can meet somewhere in the middle and experience a new town or a popular club in the area together. But for starters, you can throw a virtual housewarming party as soon as you arrive. You can even take a few clips of your new environment and share and comment together on it. Engage your friends and give them the opportunity to share this amazing experience with you.

You already knew how staying in touch after a long-distance move is important. And now you know how to maintain the relationship you all cherish so much. But do not forget to organize your relocation as well. Make sure that you find proper movers Maplewood NJ that will relocate you safely and affordably. Once you settle in, you can pull out your laptop and share the whole adventure with your best friends. Good luck and we wish you an easy settling in. Take care.

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