Tips for rewarding friends for helping you relocate

Relocation is one of those events that require massive amounts of help. No matter how strong, organized, and capable you are, there’s just too much for one person to handle. Because of all the help that’s needed, a lot of people decide to hire professional movers NJ based. But what about those who can’t afford professional help? Sure enough, they turn to their friends for some much-needed assistance. Once everything is said and done and you are settled into your new home, it’s the right time to show your appreciation. And with so many different ways of rewarding friends for helping you relocate, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping close ties between you and those dearest to you. 

All you have to do is choose the way that works best for your personality and budget. At the end of the day, we are sure your friends aren’t in this for a reward – but it certainly won’t hurt, right?

What can you expect from your friends on your moving day?

The practice has shown that it’s not very good to have high expectations from those who are helping you move. Unless we are talking about a professional moving company, of course. If you have valuable art pieces that need to be relocated, it would be best to put fine art movers NJ in charge instead of your friends or family. But if your items can be categorized as average and ordinary, then you will certainly benefit greatly money-wise from enlisting friends instead of movers. 

A pink piggy bank.
If you are trying to have a cost-effective move, DIY relocation could be your best option.

Unmanaged expectations will result in a disastrous moving day and a possible strain on your friendships. For that reason, you should explain exactly what you need help with. You can’t say that you need assistance with sorting and packing and then force your friends to help you carry massive boxes or clean up the place. That doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to do it – they should just know about it.

Food is one of the best ways to reward friends for helping you move

Who wouldn’t like to indulge in a nice meal after a long day of packing, moving, and organizing? Ideally, your budget would permit you to ask your friends what they would like to eat. But if you know money is tight at the moment, you can simply order a couple of pizzas and have a nice evening during which you will relish in the fruits of your labor by seeing all the packed boxes around you. Or you can prepare some deliciously healthy snacks yourself. It’s all about being resourceful!

We understand how expensive relocation is. For that reason, we know that some people can spare only tens of dollars at the end of the day. We also know that even drinks will be enough to show your appreciation. There’s nothing a cool lemonade on a hot day and some hot chocolate on a cold day can’t solve. 

Rewarding friends for helping you relocate is as easy as covering their commute

Unless we are talking about your childhood friends who still live next door, chances are that your helpers will have to come from different parts of the city. And we all know how much gas costs. So whether your friends are commuting by taking the subway or by driving their own car, it would be nice of you to offer to cover their travel expenses. After all, the only reason why they are having this expense is that they are helping with your residential relocation in NJ. The least you can do is make it a cost-free process.

A man driving a car.
Paying for gas is a good way to reward friends for helping you move.

Give away items you have no room for

A tale as old as time says that decluttering is a mandatory part of any and every relocation process. Once you sort through your belongings and identify the surplus items, you usually have three options:

  • Sell your belongings 
  • Donate your items 
  • Throw them away

But if you are interested in rewarding friends for helping you relocate, then you can and you should give them some of your belongings. Let them go through the ‘leave behind’ group of items and see if there’s anything they like or need. If there’s nothing left at the end of the day, rest assured they did you a favor by making your local move in NJ so much easier. Now you won’t have to deal with setting up a yard sale or arranging a donation.

Stay organized on your moving day

Without a doubt, the best way to reward your friends for helping you move is by showing you appreciate and respect their time. A relocation that is filled with delays isn’t an ideal scenario for anyone involved in the process. Unfortunately, DIY moving seems to be riddled with unexpected situations and a waste of time.

A woman wary of time as a way of rewarding friends for helping you relocate.
It is very important to be respectful of the time your friends are putting in.

Do your best not to put your friends through such a process. Instead, create a moving checklist and try to tackle as many tasks as possible before the moving day. Also, it would be best if you expected help only with those tasks you really can’t handle on your own, such as lifting a couch. At the end of the day, your friends might end up overworked if you expect too much of them. And that’s the complete opposite of what you should be aiming for!

Your moving day can be fun!

At the end of the day, you really have all the components for a fun day ahead. You have your closest circle of friends, after all! So turn up the music and fill the day with laughter. Sometimes, orchestrating a fun moving day can be sufficient for rewarding friends for helping you relocate! But feel free to pair it with another entry from our list!

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