Tips for organizing business inventory in NJ storage

Many people turn to use storage units as a solution when they lack storage space in their homes. Not only households do this, but businesses have found it very helpful as well. Storage units are quite affordable nowadays and accessible to everyone. From old furniture to your business inventory, anything can be put away safely in storage Montclair NJ. But, if you are wondering how you can efficiently start organizing business inventory in NJ storage, we’re here to help! If you want to make sure you use your storage unit to the fullest and properly organize everything in it, read on. We’ll show you what to keep in mind when storing away your inventory and how to be efficient about it. 

people in an office
Good office organization is a sign of proper leadership. If you declutter it and put some stuff away in storage, it’ll be so much neater!

Organizing business inventory in NJ storage isn’t that difficult

Storing your items in a storage unit is sometimes a much cheaper option for offices. Once you put excess belongings in there, your office will look so much neater and cleaner. When you do it right from the beginning, you won’t run into messy storage later. First things first, we will start by making a list. Once you have a complete inventory list of what you’re putting in storage, you’ll always know exactly where you put everything. However, you have to keep in mind one thing. You can’t put items in storage that you use on a daily basis. Moreover, you should ask your employees what they think should go in a storage unit. Perhaps they are using something you are not and they don’t want it taken out of the office.

Once you have decided what needs to go into storage, it’s time to start packing. Sometimes, you have sensitive inventory that needs to be properly wrapped and secured. In case you don’t know (or don’t want) to do it yourself, give Gibraltar Van Lines a call. We can make sure everything arrives at the storage unit without any damages. You definitely shouldn’t transport and pack expensive equipment on your own – let the professionals handle it, so you can rest assured the items are safe and sound.

Begin your packing process on time

When you’re organizing your business inventory in NJ storage, you should know that it cannot be rushed. Any big project like this takes time, and you want to make sure every move is the right one. You can also include your employees in the packing process, as long as it doesn’t interrupt their work. If you’re hiring movers Montclair NJ  to assist you, they have to know the date in advance, so they can prepare for the task as well. When you begin this early, you’ll have plenty of time to find a storage unit, hire help if needed and pack everything properly for storage. 

open cardboard box
Packing items for storage can take a long time. So, make sure you’re not rushing it by beginning on time!

Think about what kind of storage you need

In case you didn’t know, there are a few different types of storage units. When you’re storing your business inventory, you should pay close attention to the one you want to get. First, there is climate-controlled storage. This is a great choice for you! Not only will these storage units always have the same temperature, but they will also have air circulation and therefore are less likely to have mold appear. You definitely don’t want anything ruined by mold or mildew! So, it might be worth it to pay a bit more and ensure everything you store inside is safe.

The other option is, of course, non-climate-controlled storage units. While these are cheaper, you should be very careful about what you put in there. In case you are only looking for short-term storage and you’re not putting anything sensitive in there, then you should be good to go. Otherwise, we recommend getting the one with climate and air controls.

air conditioning controls
By renting climate-controlled storage, you can rest assured all of your inventory is safe. Even though it might be more expensive, it is worth the investment in the long run!

The order you are organizing business inventory in NJ storage matters

Now, once you and your movers arrive at the storage unit, you have to be careful about the order you put them in. While it might be tempting to just shove everything in and leave, you shouldn’t do that. After all, when you’re storing something you’ll need in the future, you want it to be accessible. That is why we recommend installing shelves, so you can have everything within your reach. Not only that, but you should never put boxes and bins directly on the floor of the storage unit. In case rodents or insects somehow get inside your storage unit, these boxes will be the first ones they’ll get to. Moreover, by keeping everything elevated, you will save the boxes from potential humidity damage. 

Also, it might not be smart to stack heavy file boxes on top of each other. Not only will it be hard to reach the ones on the bottom if you need them, but they can collapse and ruin the files inside. If you really want to stack boxes, only put the lighter ones on top. In the end, pay attention to how you label your boxes. The more detail you can put on the box, the better you’ll organize your storage unit. If you don’t want to write on boxes, you can create an inventory list. Label the boxes by numbers, and put the details in your list next to the number that’s on the box. By doing this, you’ll know where everything is at all times, and it’ll make it easier for you and your employees to find what you are looking for! 

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