Tips for moving to Parsippany NJ this winter

Relocating to Parsippany is a great choice. However, in order to be able to fully enjoy your new home from the get-go, you are going to want an easier moving experience. The key to effective moving to Parsippany NJ is to organize the entire relocation effectively and on time. You will want to have a moving company that really knows the area, such as Gibraltar Van Lines, by your side for this endeavor. With them handling most of the work, you will be able to better focus on your moving preparations. There will be boxes and supplies to gather, some decluttering, and packing to be done, as well as visiting your new home prior to the relocation. This article is going to go into further detail on how you can make your relocation process more efficient and straightforward.

Moving to Parsippany NJ – How to prepare?

Here is the list of things you will need to accomplish:

  • Contact a moving company and choose a moving date!
  • Gather moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Declutter and organize a garage sale!
  • Pack seasonal clothes, garage, and attic well in advance when moving to Parsippany NJ
  • Involve all family members in the moving process
  • Pack an essentials box for the whole family
Setting a moving date should be at the forefront of your thoughts.


Contact a moving company and choose a moving date!

The absolute first thing you will need to do is to set a moving date. In order to do so, it is best to talk it through with your moving company. The main reason for this is that some dates may be cheaper for you to move on. Of course, you can still get the date that you want but if you are not dead-set on a particular date, getting the cheaper option might be the best thing to do. Also, hiring movers Parsippany NJ way ahead of time will make it so you can start organizing your other efforts all the sooner. There will be utilities to transfer, as well as school and medical records, as well as the whole decluttering and the packing process, which will be detailed soon enough. The more time you have, the easier your relocation is going to be.

Not to mention that you will be under a lot less stress since you have a lot of time to finish everything. 

Gather moving boxes and packing supplies

You will need to pack your belongings for transport, that is a simple fact. And you are going to need containers, padding, cushioning, all that good stuff. Most people go with standard cardboard boxes for their move, and that is what you might want to consider as well. They are cheap, plentiful, and quite durable. You can buy these from a specialty store, or have your long distance movers NJ bring them to you, but there is also a cheaper option. The best way to obtain these containers is to visit your local stores, the ones that you normally frequent. Let them know that you are moving and they are sure to send a box or two (or even more) your way.

As for the packing supplies, you are most likely going to purchase most of them. The cheapest way is to find people who have recently moved and are selling their surplus. Do a quick internet search, see what you come up with. Whatever you lack, you can buy from the store.

Declutter and organize a garage sale!

But before you actually get to packing, you need to figure out which items are not coming with you. Every house is full of “clutter”, or items that you are not going to use anymore. But that does not mean that they are useless. You can recoup some of the moving costs by selling them. The best way to do so is to organize a garage sale. Just make sure to invest some of your time into proper marketing and price your items generously, and they will soon be out of your home.

Your unnecessary belongings might be quite valuable to someone else!


Pack seasonal clothes, garage, and attic well in advance when moving to Parsippany NJ

The first items that you want to pack are those that you will not be using any time soon. The perfect candidates are all those seasonal items in your home. Start packing those as soon as you know about the move. This is something you can definitely do on your own, and having those items packed will reduce your workload when it really matters. After you do so, it is time to pack your attic and the garage. If you have some antiques or valuable pieces, we recommend asking for assistance from fine art movers. They will ensure that your most valuable belongings are as secure as they can be. At least ask them for advice, it will do you a world of good.

Involve all family members in the moving process when moving to Parsippany NJ

Moving involves everyone, and so should the moving process. There are enough tasks for every member of your household. Try to have everyone do something and contribute to the relocating effort. This is a great time to create some really great memories. If you want, you can make the whole thing a lot more fun by creating either a competition or a reward system for your kids. Of course, see what your family prefers before deciding on it. But do involve them in one way or another.

Everything is more fun with the whole family around!


Pack an essentials box for the whole family

Finally, you will need to make sure that you and the rest of your family have everything they need for a couple of days. Place all such items in an “essential box”, one for each family member. When deciding what to pack in it, consider that you might need to spend a couple of days with only the contents of that box. Therefore, make sure to include entertainment devices, toiletries, a change of clothes, and similar items. If you simply can’t imagine spending a day without an item, it needs to go in the box. This, of course, does not include a 72″ TV.

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