Tips for moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent

Morris county’s Morristown is an excellent place to raise children. It is very family-friendly and has a lot to offer to both you and your kids. So moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent absolutely makes sense. But it’ll be hard work. When you’re raising children alone, having a lot on your plate is pretty much a given. Adding relocation to the mix is just going to make things harder. Luckily, movers Morristown NJ can help. But you’ll still need to make some preparations and plan your relocation in order to make sure it goes smoothly.

Is moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent a good idea?

Before you hire movers Morris County NJ, let’s make sure that you aren’t jumping the gun. Is Morristown NJ the right place for you? Here are some facts about the city that will help you make your final decision:

  • Morristown is a New York City suburb located in Morris County, NJ
  • it has around 19,000 residents who differ greatly in terms of age, race, ethnicity, and religion – as in all of NYC, all are welcome here
  • the cost of living and housing is about what you would expect, but you can easily find a good job that pays well above the national average
  • adults of all ages enjoy a lively nightlife and a variety of outdoor activities
  • children get to receive quality education and play in safe neighborhoods

Overall, Morristown NJ is a very family-friendly place and would be an excellent choice for any family.

Child smiling.
You and your kids will both love Morristown.

Moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent is not something you can do alone – get help!

If you decide to move to Morristown NJ with kids, you’ll need help. It’s not easy being a single parent: you have to be on top of everything from your children’s well-being to your household to your work to your personal life. That alone is plenty enough for one person to deal with. Adding relocation, a process that is in itself stressful, to the mix only makes things harder. So don’t try to take on by yourself – moving companies NJ are there to help you handle the moving process. This will take a lot of the stress and work off your shoulders. Although hiring movers is the more expensive option, it is ultimately going to be better for you and therefore your kids. That makes it worth the expense.

Make moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent easier

Hiring a moving company will make your relocation as a single parent significantly easier. But you will still need to do some things to prepare yourself, your household, and your children.

Woman with a child preparing for moving to Morristown as a single parent.
Prepare your child for the relocation so that there are no surprises.

Plan in advance (but be flexible)

Planning in advance is always important when you’re moving. But when you’re a single parent and moving with children, it’s even more vital. It really is impossible to overstress just how much you’ll have on your plate. You will only be able to handle it all if you know what to expect and prepare. So write a checklist of all your moving tasks and figure out a daily schedule that you can fit them into. However, remember to give yourself some extra time in your plan. Kids are unpredictable and you never know where they’re going to take your day so you must have some room for flexibility in your schedule.

Organization is key

Even the best-made plans sometimes fail and kids (young kids especially) have a talent for throwing a wrench in our plans anyway. So at some point during your relocation, you’ll probably find yourself behind schedule, moving things around in your plan, or simply at a loss for what to do. If you’re relying on professional moving services, you can at least be confident in the knowledge that the most important moving tasks will be accomplished by your movers. But even then, you’ll want to keep track of your move and know what you’ve already done and what you still need to do. This is where it pays off to be organized:

  • have a folder for all your important moving documents so you don’t lose them
  • write things down so you don’t forget them – have you found a school for your kids?; do you need to find childcare for moving day?; have you decluttered your living room? – if things aren’t going to plan, organization will help you stay on top of the process
  • keep your home organized as well: set up a packing station, contain your kids’ toys to their room, pack room by room to make it easier, etc

Communicate with your children and include them in the process

Moving can be difficult and stressful for kids of all ages. Young children may not understand what is happening and won’t like changing their routines. Older children may be upset at leaving their friends behind. To help them deal with their feelings, it is important to keep them in the loop. Tell them about the move early on so they have time to sort out their feelings about it. Help them feel included by asking them to participate in moving tasks (such as packing their room, for example). Get them excited for the move by showing them the new house, letting them choose a theme for their room, or hyping them about fun new activities they’ll get to participate in in Morristown.

Mother and child.
Talk to your child about what is going to happen.

Look after yourself and your children

As a parent, your first job is to look after your kids. So you will certainly make sure they are safe during the relocation by getting childcare, keeping an eye on your children, and keeping them out of the way while movers are around and carrying heavy items. But you mustn’t forget to take care of your own health as well. You won’t be able to look after your children if you are yourself sick, injured, or stressed. So make sure you are resting enough and eating healthy.

After moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent

Single parents often rely on a social network of friends and family for help and support while raising their children, even if it’s just moral support and advice we’re talking about. So it’s important to build that network after moving to Morristown NJ as a single parent. Luckily, there is no shortage of ways to meet people in Morristown. Go out to the park with your kids and you can both make friends! Or join a parent support group in the area. Meeting neighbors and building relationships will help you and your kids feel more welcome and at home after the relocation.

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