Tips for finding work in a new city

Landing a great job in the new city can be quite daunting. The whole time that you are searching for it you might be under immense pressure. In order to make the whole ordeal easier, we have prepared several tips for finding work in a new city. These tips will give you the best head-start in finding a new job. You can adapt them to your specific situation and you should! However, research and interview preparedness are things that are universal, regardless of your niche. If you already have an office and simply want to move it to your new home, office movers NJ are at your service! They will pack and transport everything in the blink of an eye! Well, not really, but they are kind of fast. Anyway, without further ado, we present to you:

How to find work in a brand new city?

Finding and landing a job is much more than simply choosing where you want to work and showing up for the interview. If it is that easy for you, then congratulations, you will not need to read further. Simply hire your movers West Orange NJ and move to the place of your choosing. However, for us mere mortals, these are the most important things to do when trying to land a job in an area we are unfamiliar with:

  • Do Your Homework – Research!
  • Target Specific Companies
  • Finding Work In A New City – Build A Network
  • Remove Your Address From Your Resume – Or Not?
  • Best Way For Finding Work In A New City – Always Be Prepared For The Interview
Research the job market in your new area before the move.

Do your homework – Research!

Research is perhaps the most important, and most time-consuming, item on this list. You really need to warm up that proverbial chair. Find out what are the leading industries in your new place of residence. These industries will have a lot of people coming and going which means that there will always be a job opening or two that you can exploit.

Also, find out if there are some specific niches that might be lacking for manpower, you never know. The more time you invest in research, the easier it will be to land that job at the end. You will be asked questions at the interviews and some of the information that you gathered during research might come in handy. It might even land you a job on its own!

Target specific companies

Once you’ve figured out where you want to work, make sure to pinpoint it. This means targeting specific companies. You should not have more than 5 of them at the same time. By targeting, we mean to start interacting with them wherever you can. Social media is a great place to start. See if you can connect with some of the managers, ask them some questions. See if you can get a few minutes of their time for a live chat. In essence, be nice and friendly and do not ask for anything more than a bit of time to talk. Ask about their work-life, about how it is to work in that industry. Ask them about themselves, and so on.

Finding work in a new city – Build a network

You already have some contacts with the companies that you’ve previously targeted. Now its time to broaden that network and create something even more meaningful. Use whatever means at your disposal for this. If any of your old contacts can introduce you to some new ones, make sure to exploit that. The best way to do this is to devote some time each day specifically for this activity. Network building is tough and demanding and you will want to do it while you are fresh. Make sure that you are at the top of your game!

social media
Build up a network. Make sure to get in contact with companies that you’ve previously targeted.

Remove your address from your resume

There are pros and cons of putting your address in your resume. If you are sending the application while you are still in your previous place of residence (which you should) then you might want to point out that you are willing, ready, and able to move in short notice.

Sometimes it might be best to even use an address from a friend or relative, simply for the resume. However, make sure that you can actually stay somewhere near that place once you do relocate. You can simply omit the address and that will be fine for most employers, as they need to value your privacy. Omitting the address might make you appear like a local, without any additional fuss.

The best way for finding work in a new city – Always be prepared for the interview

Whether you are moving locally or preparing for the long-distance move, interviews can come in a heartbeat. There are managers that wish to test your readiness and will call you for an interview in short notice. You need to be prepared to travel for this, cover the expenses, and travel back.

That is why you always need to have some money on the side to provide for this. While you can certainly try to negotiate the interview to the time that suits you the best, usually you will not have this luxury. To tie this into our other tips, make sure that you are in a position to do some more network-building while you are at it. Reach out to people, arrange meetings, fun activities, and so on.

Always be prepared for the job interview!

Are you ready for the move? Hire professionals

After you do land that job (and you will) the only thing that is left is to move to your new home. You will be quite tired after the whole process of network building and interviews and you will need help with the move. And that is where professional movers come in. They will make your move effortless and stress-free! Exactly what you need after long weeks and months of working to land a job. There are numerous moving services NJ available and you can tailor them towards your specific needs. Simply contact the moving company and get a quote, it does not cost you anything!

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