Tips for finding budget-friendly packing materials

Moving can be a difficult and rather expensive endeavor. Moving expenses can add up fairly quickly and staying within a budget can be a challenge. However, many costs can be reduced or even avoided altogether. For instance, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on packing supplies. If you know where to look. Here at Gibraltar Van Lines we have come up with a list of tips for finding budget-friendly packing materials to help you save money.

Save your money in a piggy bank like shown in the picture with our tips for finding budget-friendly packing supplies
Use our tips for finding budget-friendly packing materials and cut the cost of your move.

Packing supplies you need

First of all, you need to figure which supplies and how much of them you really need. In order to do that, start by making an inventory list of all the items you’ll be moving so that you can pick up exactly what you need. That way you won’t over-purchase and have the additional task of having to return all your unused supplies back to the store. You’ll have the right amount of proper supplies to finish packing before movers Glen Ridge NJ arrive to pick up the boxes. You’ll need the following types of packing materials for the upcoming packing task.

  • Boxes Cardboard boxes are what first comes to mind when you think of packing supplies. They are versatile, convenient and affordable containers. You’re going to need packing boxes of various sizes that are clean and strong. Boxes will probably be your biggest packing expense by far. Therefore, trying to find free moving boxes is almost always worth the trouble. There is an alternative to using cardboard boxes and that is renting reusable plastic containers. Read on to find out more about that option.
  • Bubble wrap – This is the best protective material for packing fragile items for a move. Even if you don’t find any for free, consider purchasing a few rolls. Finding budget-friendly packing materials is important, but the safety of your valuable possessions should always be a priority.
  • Packing paper – It’s ideal for protecting glass surfaces and all types of delicate items since it’s oil and dirt-resistant. Also, paper is also a great padding material for filling up any spaces inside a cardboard box.
  • Packing tape, scissors, markers – You need these for sealing the boxes and labeling them.
You can find cardboard boxes like in the photo for free with some luck
Contact local businesses and ask them if they have any leftover boxes, it’s likely you’ll find at least some.

Budget-friendly packing materials you already have

Finding budget-friendly packing supplies requires some creativity. There are several alternatives to store-bought packing supplies you already have in your home. For example, you can use any baskets or buckets you plan to bring with you for packing, as well as suitcases. You can use garbage bags to pack your hanging clothes directly off the closet or wardrobe, without taking the of their hangers. Use old blankets instead of buying pricey moving blankets. Linens, towels, and clothing can be used for cushioning when packing breakable items. You can use your dresser drawers as packing containers. You can put the drawers back in the dresser but note that it will be very heavy. Wrap up drawers individually unless you have professional movers like our residential movers NJ coming to help.

Rent your boxes

Dozens of cardboard boxes you will buy are just going to go in the recycle bin after you’re done with them. Another budget-friendly solution is to rent reusable plastic containers. Use them to pack your belongings and move them. After that schedule a pick-up at your new address. An added plus is that it’s good for the environment.

Find free boxes

If you decided to use cardboard boxes, ask around and find out if you can get some for free. Even though they’re not as durable as plastic ones, they can be reused. That’s of course if the boxes haven’t gotten wet or damaged. Contact local businesses and see if they have boxes you can use. Many of them just get rid of their boxes after unpacking. They could also have some other useful packing materials for you, like bubble wrap and packing paper. Ask friends and family as well, they might have some supplies to get rid of also. If you buy new carboard boxes, you’ll need to construct the moving boxes properly.

Store some budget-friendly packing materials

Most of us order a lot of things online, and therefore we have plenty of boxes arriving at our door. If you’re planning a relocation with one of the moving companies NJ to SC in the next year or the few months, start saving the boxes you receive. Designate a storage space for them where they won’t be in the way until you decide to use them. Place them in your basement or garage for example. You may not be able to gather enough boxes this way to pack up your entire home, but you should be able to reduce come of the cost.

A couple high fiving
It’s not that hard to save money on packing materials, if you know where to look for them.

Stop by the dollar store for some quick and easy budget-friendly packing materials

The dollar store can surprise you with their selection of budget-friendly packing materials. So don’t forget to check out your local dollar store and see what they have in terms of cheap packing supplies, such as tape and other materials. You can probably find a lot of what you need for a small price. While you’re there, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any boxes they’re not using that you can have for free or purchase at a discount.

Declutter your home

The more items you own the more you have to pack. Hence, the more packing materials you have to purchase. It’s always a good idea to declutter before moving day. Especially so when you’re trying to save money by finding budget-friendly packing materials. Save money on moving supplies by following the tips listed above and you’ll have more left for what really matters. Finally, don’t forget that most full-service movers, like our state to stare movers NJ, will include all packing supplies in the price if you opt to use their professional packing services. This way, you may get a really good deal so keep that option in mind when deciding how best to approach packing on a budget.

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