Tips for finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken

There’s a wide variety of different reasons why you could need a long-term storage unit for your items. Maybe you’re moving a long distance and need to put away some of your belongings. In which case, you might also need help with finding reliable moving companies Hoboken. Or perhaps your home is getting cluttered and you want a place to store away items. Long-term storage is also a great choice if you’re traveling for a while. In any case, finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken can be quite a task. Especially since so many options exist on the market. This is why we’ve curated the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Types of items you want to store

When you’re considering renting a storage unit, you first have to consider exactly what kind of items you’ll be storing. Different kinds of items will require different storage types, sizes, and more. While you can very easily store some things without damaging them over time, some items might require extra care. On the other hand, some things may need a completely different type of storage altogether. Valuables, art, photos, documents cannot just be locked in a box and forgotten about. Additionally, there are items you shouldn’t store in a storage unit, although regulations vary.

cardboard storage boxes
The types of items you want to store are going to dictate what kind of unit you should get.

This simple checklist will help you decide which long-term storage unit to choose in Hoboken:

  • make a detailed list of your belongings
  • note which items are fragile, valuable, or require special amenities
  • check if anything on your list can’t be stored in a storage unit 
  • measure items you wish to store

Types of long-term storage units best suited for Hoboken weather

When you’re picking a storage unit in Hoboken, you will run into two main types. Regular storage units and climate-controlled units. The one you choose is going to depend on what you want to store. New Jersey has a moderate climate with humid summers and fairly cold winters. Temperatures can reach up to 87 F and drop down to as low as 30 F. Humidity is another issue you’ll run into in Hoboken. Summers can be quite humid which can damage art, paintings, documents, and photographs. Ventilated units will protect your items from temperature variations and moisture. It is the safest way to store valuable or sentimental items. If you’re unsure which to pick, contact moving companies nj for advice. It’s always best to get the expert’s opinion.

Humid and rainy weather will make finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken difficult.
While Hoboken’s climate isn’t extreme, humidity can ruin some items over time.

Finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken without going broke

Price is one of the most important factors when you’re choosing a storage unit. All of the above advice won’t be useful if you can’t afford the rent. Fees can vary a lot depending on your location, unit type, size, and more. In New Jersey, rental fees can start as low as $35 for the smallest five-by-five unit. There’s plenty of good deals to be found, even in a city as small as Hoboken. However, you should always check the fine print. Many hidden charges could hit your wallet if you don’t do proper research. A bit of preparation can save you a lot of stress. Furthermore, always ask what will happen to your items in case your payment is late. Some auction them off immediately, while others may hold them for a little while. 

Storage unit location

Consider how close your home or business is to the storage facility. Luckily for you, storage unit facilities are abundant in all parts of Hoboken. They’re scattered all around the city, so you’ll surely find a location that suits you. The location might not seem that important, but hauling large and heavy items across town gets old quickly. On the other hand, let’s say you’re moving out of Hoboken with state to state movers NJ. Your new home won’t be able to fit all your items, so you have rented a unit. Getting them to the storage is going to be a lot easier if it’s located near your home or business. There’s no point in wasting money on a delivery service when units are so easy to find here.

Security and customer rights in New Jersey

The safety of your belongings is surely one of your top priorities. Therefore, always carefully inspect what security options a facility offers. This doubles when you’re storing items long-term. Luckily, New Jersey is one of the US states with a solid legislature when it comes to self-storage. All facilities must be up to code, and thanks to the efforts of the New Jersey Self Storage Association, late fees are standardized to a set amount state-wide. The security of each facility is going to vary though, so it is preferable to inspect them in person. At a minimum, there should be 24/7 surveillance cameras and locks or passcode entry. Additionally, insurance is always good to have. Without it, you’ll be solely responsible if anything happens to your items while they’re in storage.

Read up on reviews and feedback

In the age of the internet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t extensively research each facility you’re considering. Renting out a storage unit long-term means you will be working with a business for many years. You’ll have to entrust them with your belongings, and for the sake of your sanity, we suggest reading plenty of reviews. Direct experiences from other people will easily tell you if a business is worth working with. You should also beware of scams. While Hoboken is a safe area to live in, New Jersey is ranked #4 in the USA for moving and storage frauds. If a company has no reviews but amazing rates it’s probably too good to be true.

wooden letters spelling "feedback"
Customer feedback will help you in finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say finding a proper long-term storage unit in Hoboken is no easy task. However, there are some pros too, as rates in the city tend to be pretty affordable. It is just the question of finding a facility and unit that fits your personal requirements. As long as you do your research and prepare sufficiently your items will be safe and sound.

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