Tips for decorating your office for spring

Days are getting longer, spring is noticeable in the air, and we’re slowly storing our thickest jumpers, scarves, and hats – all to help us greet the warm weather. Yes, this can only mean one thing; April has finally arrived, and spring is just around the corner! You just moved with office movers NJ, and it is time for decorating your office for spring!

Why should you consider decorating your office for spring?

In the end, implementing some freshness in your office is a quick and easy way to boost staff morale. And if you have recently moved, it is a great way to reduce office moving stress. However, you need more than hanging a few trinkets to spread the festive mood in your office! Not only that, but you will need to choose between a real or artificial tree and decide whether you want to use a more traditional or modern style of decoration.

Office desk with plants
Not sure where to start? Get inspired by our tips for decorating your office for spring

What kind of plants should you choose: real or artificial?

The spring decor for your office would not be complete without a plant. If you already have the one that your movers South Orange NJ brought from your previous office, you are good. When choosing the ideal one for your business, you need to consider a number of factors. For example, whether to choose a “real deal” or an artificial alternative. This decision will be mainly based on where you want to place your tree (for example, indoors or outdoors), what area you should work on, and also what you want to achieve with your tree.

If your office has space limitations, an artificial plant may be the best option for your office space. This is because there are many more size options to choose from. Unlike real plants, the artificial alternative will also not throw needles or water every day. So they require less maintenance if you have little time or resources.

Another difference between real and fake plants is that the latter may contain more decorations. So, whether you decide to choose a real or artificial option, one thing is for sure. You can use both to create an impressive presentation to add a festive look to the office!

Choose your own innovative way of decorating your office space

Now that you have decided whether you want real or artificial plants for your office, you need to start decorating it. However, before you can do this, you need to choose a side when it comes to your theme; traditional or modern? If you are not sure, check some ideas on Pinterest to help you decide.

Book shelf with a plant
Consider all the ways for decorating your office for spring

If you immediately think about the warm shades of green, red, and gold when imagining a plant, then a more traditional style might be a better choice. To get the look, take out the tinsel and cover it on each accessible surface. Hang wreaths, garlands, and stockings and decorate your tree with classic multi-colored headlights.

As for the other decorations, now you also have a good chance to include a design that is in any way connected with the branding of your company. Simply match your personal preferences or the existing look of your office. You can also use leftover packing materials. When it comes to modern wood jewelry, there are many options to choose from. Think of miniature disco balls, heart-shaped trinkets, butterflies and various animals and even feathers!

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