Tips for avoiding fraudulent moving companies

It’s great to find the perfect place to live for you and your family. And when it finally happens, you do not want your joy to be clouded by fraudulent acts, do you? Unfortunately, this has been happening more and more often lately, as there are many non-professional relocation companies. And thousands of Americans have reported that they have experienced fraud. Thus, they complained that they were asked to raise payment before returning their things. Or they noticed that expensive items were missing. It completely takes away all the excitement of moving from New Jersey to Florida, right? Don’t be their next victim! Just consider the following tips for avoiding fraudulent moving companies to make your relocation experience enjoyable.

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The best way to avoid such a problem is to be informed

What are the things you need to do when avoiding fraudulent moving companies?

1. Thorough research

This is the first thing you should do – thorough, thorough research. Follow the history of complaints before choosing a mover. Make sure the company represents the proper level of insurance. After you have decided which company you want to hire, be sure to look for more information. Are they reliable? Are their online reviews generally positive? Many of these companies can be found on the Internet, so it’s easy to get customer feedback. You can also check their rates with the Better Business Bureau.

Do not forget about this aspect – it is more important than you think. It is better to be sure that you hire a professional, safe moving company and know exactly what to expect from the movers than finding it out yourself, right? The best moving companies in NJ will undoubtedly provide positive feedback – this is a given. Just be consistent and do not give up during the study.

2. Meet in person

Another mistake that most people reluctantly make is never getting into personal contact with someone from a moving company. Of course, it takes your time. This is not as effective in time as solving a problem over the phone. But we are talking about the security of everything that you have here. So it is important to focus on a personal meeting with someone from the company.

Don’t settle for pricing by phone – insist that the meeting is at your home. Phone pricing is completely unreliable and hesitant. Just take a minute and think about it. How can you get the right price estimate if the company does not know how much furniture you intend to transport? This will give them the opportunity to deceive you – they will simply say that they did not know what to expect and that prices vary depending on each house, and so on and so forth.

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A non-professional company always prepares many excuses, don’t you worry about that

After a visit from a representative of the moving company, make sure that the final estimate is made in writing. This is very important when you are avoiding fraudulent moving companies. So you don’t end up paying more than your planned costs of moving.

3. Inventory list

Inventory is an official document, which indicates all the goods that you want to transport with the moving company, including accurate information about their status before and after shipment. It is important to remember that you must receive a written copy of this document after completing the transfer procedure in order to check whether the information in the inventory is correct or not.

4. Keep up to date with binding estimates

After a home visit and a formal price estimate, you should no longer expect a higher bill. Only if you decide to add more goods or services than you originally intended. However, if not, your moving costs NJ should not exceed the previous estimate. Asking for a higher invoice amount is completely illegal on behalf of a moving company, especially after a written estimate has been made.

5. Do not sign empty documents

This can also happen. A dishonest representative of a moving company may ask you to sign an empty document before he actually fills in the blanks, for the purpose of fraud, which is later to include numbers and information that are different from those you originally mentioned. It raises a red flag – it violates your rights, and you should know that. To prevent this unauthorized thing, only after double-checking the document should you consider signing it.

Checking the contract
Reading your contract thoroughly is one of the best ways of avoiding fraudulent moving companies

6. Check your rights

Always, always know your rights. A professional relocation company should provide you with official information about your rights and obligations during your relocation. This aspect is often overlooked, but it is extremely important, and you should be aware of your rights. Federal regulations require movers to administer their customers with official instructions about the responsibility of the mover and the customer.

After reviewing your rights and responsibilities, you will find out if you are being treated properly. If the odds are unfavorable, and the moving company is unprofessional, you may consider filing a formal complaint.

7. Shipping costs

In some cases, moving companies may charge you extra for transportation. That is why it is important to consider this aspect and get the official price before proceeding with the process of moving. If you think you were unjustly overpriced, take action and file a dispute. Keep in mind that all this can be easily avoided by carefully analyzing the costs of moving.

What if there is a problem?

As a rule, your mover must provide you with a dispute resolution program. This is required in case of the appearance of damaged or even missing items. They should provide you with information on how to effectively solve the problem.

If you notice that your goods are damaged or there are no items, you should contact your moving company to submit a claim form. The next step is to complete a written claim form. If the settlement provided by the moving company does not satisfy you, you may consider searching for other legal approaches. Or you can prevent all the problems by following these tips for avoiding fraudulent moving companies. As the people say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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