Things you shouldn’t do before moving day

There are a lot of guides as to how you should prepare for your moving day. After all, moving begins a lot before the actual moving day itself. There are planning of all kinds that are shaping the week and months before you move homes. However, not a lot of guides focus on one big aspect of moving. What you shouldn’t do before moving day. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post. If you ever wondered how to avoid mistakes in moving. How not to give in to stress. How not to drown yourself in work. We got the advice of some very experienced movers right here!

What you shouldn’t do before moving day planing wise

Ok, so first of, let’s say that movers Fairfield NJ is going to pick and pack your items in two days and move you to your new location. What shouldn’t do before moving day? Don’t change the plan. Moving is nothing if not planning. You have to plan pretty much anything. Anything you don’t do, movers should, but to be aware of that and request those services you also need, you guessed it, planning. This means that you need a lot to time in the weeks before the move to hash out the details of your relocation with the movers of your choice. However, once the plan is set, well, the plan is set.

shouldn't do before moving day - laptop and a pad
You need to plan!

Don’t get us wrong, most movers are pretty adaptable. They should be flexible enough to deal with any unexpected issues. However, they also need to know exactly what you need them to do. If you don’t tell them that you changed your mind and that you will pack the items, and they show up an hour early and with packing material that they don’t need, they can’t really adapt to that… This is even more true if you suddenly need them to do something they did not bring equipment for.

This is why good communication with the movers beforehand is so important. You need to make sure all the services you need are all the services they are ready to provide. If you are going o change something about the plan, notify them as soon as possible. Definitely don’t wait until you are a day away from moving day.

Disregard advise of the movers

One other you definitely shouldn’t do before moving day is to disregard the advice of the movers. They are a business, yes, so they definitely see some interest in having you pick out more additional services. However, they are also experienced. They know what they are talking about. If they tell you you need fine art movers NJ and that otherwise you are risking damaging your valuable and expensive collection, they are most probably right.

Movers, most of them anyway, have your best interest in mind. They really have a strong incentive for everything to go right with your move as well. Movers don’t want your relocation to needlessly hit a hurdle just because of something that was rather avoidable. And trust us, no matter how much moving you have done in your life, they definitely did more. So take heed of their advice, especially as the moving day approaches.

Leave the place unsafe or inaccessible

One big thing you absolutely shouldn’t do before moving day is to leave your home unsafe or inaccessible to your movers Passaic County NJ of choice. Now, almost definitely, movers have visited your home and checked if the furniture fits through the doors and hallways. However, a lot can change. The hallways can be cluttered, the elevator can be broken, things left on high shelves, etc.

Danger cliff edge
You have to make sure everything is safe for the movers!

Make sure to thoroughly declutter your home before the moving day arrived. If you don’t, you are exposing the moving crew to some very unsafe environments. Furthermore, forget to make sure that they have parking access and that the time of their arrival is not an inconvenience to your neighbors. After all, you don’t want people that are taking your sofa to the parking to get constantly interested by neighbors going up or down the stairs.

Also, if you have a pet, make sure it is away from the movers. You might find that your dog is the friendliest pet there is, but some in the moving crews might not even notice him in time while they are busy working. Having a dog or a cat running or lying around just creates the potential for movers or the pets to get hurt.

As strange as it may sound, the same goes for children. You don’t want them to be busy around the movers. The best you can do is to take them to a walk or to the babysitter while you deal with the move.

Don’t forget the essentials

A day before the move you should definitely focus on what you have to have on your person before you move. Most of the other things you will have movers Newark NJ is dealt with by now. However, you have to worry about what you need to move with you. These things should be:

  • Documents. No matter how short the relocation is, documents should never go in the moving truck. Also, among the things you probably shouldn’t do before moving day is not to have your documents sorted and ready for tomorrow. Be sure that all personal documentation is with you!
  • Medication. The same goes for medication. Get it sorted and take it with you.
  • Personal hygiene. Want to have

Don’t stress it

Finally, don’t forget to relax. Maybe try to meditate even.

rocks stacked together
You have to relax!

Moving is stressful enough without you making it worse for yourself. So take a deep breath! Everything will be just fine by the end.

In summary

All things considered, the biggest thing you shouldn’t do before moving day is stress out needlessly. By this time you already go everything down. You will be just fine.

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