Things you should leave behind when moving

If you’re facing a relocation soon, you might want to sort and downsize your inventory. There is no need to move all those items you don’t need or want anymore. Relocation is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the surplus finally. Especially if you’re moving long-distance, which is more expensive. Downsize your possessions to cut down your expenses and start fresh in your new home. Consider hiring movers NJ and their services to help you get through your moving process. However, it’s up to you to decide what things you should leave behind when moving. We have enlisted several suggestions for you. 

Declutter and sort your inventory before the move

You might think it’ll be faster and simpler to just pack everything. Except you’ll need more packing materials, more manpower, and a bigger vehicle. All of that will notably increase the total cost of your relocation. And that is something you want to avoid. After all, you don’t want piles of unnecessary things in your new home. However, maybe someone else could find a good use for your unwanted items. Here are a few ideas on what to do with surplus items, so don’t rush to just throw them out. 

Woman soring the things you should leave behind when moving.
Go through your inventory and sort your items.
  • Try to donate your well-preserved and gently-handled items to your local charity or your friends and family. 
  • Make a garage or a yard sale if your schedule allows you. Check out the forecast and pick the first sunny weekend for your yard sale. Another efficient way to sell your things is through online sales, websites, and groups. 
  • Get rid of all the things that no longer serve you. That encircles all outgrown clothes, damaged or cracked objects, old sports gear, old electronics, etc. Below we will talk in more detail about the things you should leave behind when moving

Sort out and downsize your clothes

This is probably the most numerous pile to sort out. Clothes are something we buy not just seasonally and out of necessity, but it has become an everyday thing. And yet, we tend to keep the clothes we no longer want or wear. But when faced with upcoming relocation, you might want to break that pattern. Thoroughly sort your clothes in two piles, keep and toss. Try to get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn lately. If you haven’t worn a sweater in a year or so, the chances are you won’t wear it the next year either. Next, discard all torn pieces, and everything that is damaged in any way. Your children’s outgrown clothes are another thing you should discard, as well as your old sports gear that no longer fits you.

Still, if you want to keep them for your kids, consider renting a storage unit in NJ. That’s the right way to keep your valuable items without making clutter in your new home. 

A green sofa in a big old room.
The big old furniture is among the things you should leave behind when moving.

Bulky and outdated items

Bulky items mean not just large and heavy furniture, but also smaller items that pile up easily. Books and CDs, and all sorts of alike collectibles, can take up a lot of space when moving. Instead of packing all of it, try to pick favorites and special items, and donate or sell the rest. After all, you can always shift to Spotify – digital music, video, and podcast service and ebooks. It’s a shame to clutter your new place from the very first days, so keep it neat as long as you can. As for the real bulky items, it’s easy to decide whether you’re moving your old sofa or you’re buying a new one. Leave behind all the old furniture you’re about to replace with new ones. 

Appliances, warranties, and owner’s manuals

You will probably move into a new home that already has appliances. So there will be no need to move your old ones. In that case, you should leave behind owner’s manuals as well. The same goes for warranties for any type of renovation that you did recently. Live them in a visible place, so the next residents could find them easily. However, if you decide to move your old appliances, make sure you hire one of the reliable long-distance movers NJ. You surely want your items to arrive undamaged, so find reputable and professional movers. 

Go through your bathroom cabinets 

There is a significant amount of clutter in bathroom cabinets and shelves. You should remove everything from outdated medications and cosmetics to opened shampoo bottles. It’s a perfect opportunity for downsizing and throwing out the junk. Make sure you pack only the things you need and which you use regularly. Toss everything else, to avoid clutter in your new home.

A bathroom accessories, soap and brushes.
Sort out your bathroom cabinets and drawers.

Leave behind old bedding items

Bedding items are another things we tend to pile up in our homes. Buying new ones without throwing out the old ones always results in a lack of space. Set off the sheets and blankets that are in poor condition. But don’t throw them away, you might use them as wrapping material during the move. You can also donate well-preserved ones if you find them to be redundant. Further, think about leaving behind your old mattresses. We should definitively replace them from time to time. So, use your relocation to do so.  Besides, they are bulky and heavy and hard to load and unload. 

You don’t need to relocate everything you own

As we said before, it’s a bad idea to pack up randomly everything you came across. To be fair, half of the things we own we don’t even need. We just pile them and they take up our space until we end up in clutter. As for the things you should leave behind when moving, go through your garage and old papers, as well. The truth is we should take with us only the things we need and use, and our precious items and memories. Speaking of precious items, fine art movers NJ are trained to safely move all your valuables and antiques. Don’t forget to share your good experience when everything is over. 

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