The most student-friendly cities in New Jersey

New Jersey is famous for its public schools as the third best school system in the US. The state’s high school graduates rate is over 90%. And its public school education system, from pre-K through high school, is the best among the 50 states. But as for higher education, many students decide to continue their education out of state. Partly, that’s because of the limited number of seats in NJ colleges, and high tuitions also contribute to that. More than half of the students head to out-of-state colleges. However, we must point out that 5 of the NJ universities are on the list of the world’s best in 2013/14. So if you’re considering studying in NJ, we can suggest a few student-friendly cities in New Jersey. Also, we recommend employing Gibraltar Van Lines, a reliable moving company with a long tradition. 


This little town is very popular with students due to its proximity to NY and relatively affordable costs of living. And not only students but commuters also. All of them are running away from busy and costly big city life, not too far though. But don’t be misled by this claim, because Hoboken is not cheap either. However, with the median rental price of 2725$ is still cheaper than renting in NY. Hoboken is not a quiet little town, not with all the young people living there. And it’s a home of a very famous Stevens Institute of Technology. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in science, technology, business, finance, etc. Besides all of this, this is one extremely pet-friendly city. Being a small town, a car is not necessary. You can reach everything you need on foot. With the moving companies Hoboken you’ll have an easy and smooth relocation.

Two female students discussing about top student-friendly cities in New Jersey.
New Jersey’s school system is among the best in the US.


Caldwell is a borough in Essex County NJ, only 16 miles from New York, with a population of about 8000. It’s a nice neighborhood to live in, ranked as the third-best to live in NJ, according to NJ Monthly Magazine. The borough is the home of well-known Caldwell University. It’s a catholic liberal arts college, with 2200 students. However, it’s very welcoming for students of all religions. It’s a small institution with an acceptance rate of 92%. The college offers its students a wide range of clubs and internships. A university campus is only a short walk away from the town center. That’s where students can find coffee shops, a movie theater, etc. There is also an Essex County College, in west Coldwell. It’s a public community college, with tuition of 5095$. Whichever college you pick, movers Caldwell NJ will gladly help you relocate to Caldwell. 


Newark is considered one of the least friendly cities in the world, according to Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Survey. However, its residents defend the city, saying that Newark is interesting and fun. And that Newark deserves the chance to refute those claims. As for the students, Newark can be interesting due to being the home of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Besides NJIT, there is also Rutgers University. These two are both public colleges with very similar features, tuitions, and acceptance rates. Rutgers welcomes 50411 students, unlike NJIT with only 11652. Newark offers its student a lot more than an excellent education.

Campus Princeton University on a sunny day.
Princeton University is ranked #1 among the National Universities.

Here are some reasons that depict Newark as one of the most student-friendly cities in New Jersey. We recommend hiring one of the moving companies in Newark NJ and their moving services. They provide local and long-distance moving, as well as some special services like packing and crating, auto carrier, etc.

  • Newark has more diners and restaurants than any other city in the US. 
  • The Newark Art Council organizes a wide range of art events throughout the whole year.
  • The culture and history of Newark are especially interesting. Being one of the oldest cities in the US, Newark is very rich in various cultures. That includes Spanish, Latin American, and Portuguese.
  • Maybe the most famous landmark of Newark is the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart from 1896. 
  • The location of Newark might be its best trait of all. The distance from Newark to New York is only 8 miles.
  • Another perk of Newark is its Newark Liberty International Airport. It facilitates tourism, and trade, and provides its residents and students easy access to foreign cities and countries.
  • Sports fans can enjoy watching the New Jersey Devils.


Madison is a borough in NJ, Morris County. This little town is the home of FDU (Farleigh Dickenson University- Florham Campus). And yet, the part of the campus stretches into Florham Park, too. Drew University is another private university in Madison. Its most popular majors are Social Sciences, Business Administration and Management, and Visual and Performing Arts. To enter Drew University, you’ll need a GPA of 3,54. It’s a charming little town, with 16937 residents, according to the 2020 census. Besides its excellent education system, Madison has a lot of restaurants, parks, sports venues, and shops. It has everything a young student needs. Not to mention, it’s only about 30 mi away from New York. 

Students in the classroom listening to their professor.
There are many student-friendly cities in New Jersey.

New Jersey is a student-friendly state

There is no doubt about NJ being the right choice for students. A myriad of its universities and colleges speak in favor of that. No matter what you’re interested in, it’s almost certain you’ll find your cup of tea in NJ. The same goes for your budget range and the lifestyle you prefer. You can use free and online college compare tools, to compare tuitions, acceptance rates, and graduation rates of wanted colleges. This tool can help you choose the right college and the right city to move to. We enlisted some of the student-friendly cities in New Jersey. Still, we left out so many of them, not on purpose. Hopefully, we have been able to boost you to consider studying at Garden State. 

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