The items you should never keep in storage facility

A storage unit is a lifesaver but it comes with some written and unwritten rules. Not everything belongs in a storage unit. It is not your basement, you can’t check it often, so if there’s a problem, it might just pass unnoticed. Many storages come without climate or temperature control, so sensitive items could be at risk of heat or cold damage. Take extra caution when deciding what can safely go inside it. There are a few items you should never keep in storage facility. 

items you should never keep in storage facility
A secure storage unit becomes a must in modern era of consumerism

Items you should never keep in storage facility

According to Gibraltar Van Lines hold back from putting these  things in your storage unit:

  • Liquids – Liquids are prohibited in a storage unit because of the possibility of a leak that can damage other items. Liquid equals moisture and moisture is undesirable in storage for many reasons.   
  • Flammable items, toxic materials and hazardous chemicals – If you are not sure always consult professionals that you’ve hired like Movers North Bergen NJ about the safety of chemicals in question. Most hazardous known materials are pesticides, fuels, hygiene chemicals, acids, gases, liquor, fireworks, medical waste, aerosol cans, gasoline, propane tanks, lamp or motor oils, paints, paint thinners, perfumes, cleaners, car batteries, charcoal, and more.
  • Anything living –  Believe it or not, some people tried living and keeping their pets in storage units. It is not only against the public storage restrictions, but it is against the law. Also, never put your plants in storage. They need light, water, and fresh air to grow, which is something you won’t find in dark sealed storage.
  •  Food and perishables – The golden rule that keeps rodents away, is to keep food away. So, don’t put in a storage pet food, rice, oatmeal, or pasta, even if they’re unopened. They attract hungry pests that happily chew through boxes and bags and many other materials. You will keep your unit clean and safe as well as other nearby units.

Have peace of mind – have insurance

  • Valuables – You shouldn’t store anything that’s extremely expensive or exceeds the value of $5,000. This includes your jewelry, artwork, musical instruments, cash, electronics, or anything of sentimental value that cannot be replaced. 

    a painting showing video surveillance
    When you start to downsize at your home or office find a secure storage facility
  • Anything illegal – many have tried but sooner or later there is a point when you start facing legal action so don’t bother.
  • Ensure your belongings – don’t forget to find proper insurance for your belongings. Storage insurance protects your possessions from damage or theft, whilst they are stored within a unit at a storage facility. If you have run out of space in your home or office, using self-storage is a great option. Have peace of mind, ensure your stuff against theft, fire, flood, pests, and more.

If you are planning to move, hire regular moving help or office movers NJ. It’s good to know that they will always be able to give you precise information on what items you should never keep in storage facility. But before you do get professional help we hope this short article about what not to store was at least a little helpful.       

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