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Are you looking to make your relocation process smoother for a reliable and secure storage facility in NJ? With every moving job you hire us for, Gibraltar Van Lines features a safe and secure storage facility in NJ for our clients throughout the NJ area. Our storage units NJ aren’t your average self-storage units. The protection and security they offer can ensure the absolute safety of your belongings for shorter or longer periods of time. Our storage NJ features unique benefits and added security measures to ensure your valuable belongings are kept secure. Call us now to book your Free Storage in Montclair NJ for up to 120 days!

Free storage Montclair NJ
Our storage units Montclair NJ are some of the finest in the state.

We have been in business for more than 45 years, and we know how to make our clients satisfied. From household relocation to getting quality packing and storage units NJ, we have it all to make your move as enjoyable as it can be! Therefore, if you want a reliable and trustworthy moving ally by your side, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Get our services and leave the rest to our moving professionals! Gibraltar Van Lines is here to help you have the best kind of moving experience and that includes the use of our storage units in Montclair NJ.

What makes Gibraltar Van Lines the smart and reliable choice?

Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company, based in New Jersey. We are a fully-licensed and highly-skilled moving company that is the perfect pick for all of the people that need movers in New Jersey. All of our employees are proud to be part of Gibraltar Van Linse because we have been in the moving industry for more than 45 years! Of course, we are not the same company we were four decades ago, but our goals have remained the same. Relocating people with ease and with no problems along the way is only one of them! This kind of motivation, devotion, and hard work made us who we are today. Even after 45 years, we are still continually being voted as one of the best moving companies in the area of New Jersey!

Handshake with written skills in front
Gibraltar Van Lines has what is necessary for a hassle-free relocation.

45 years of experience can make every relocation a breeze!

There is no need in explaining the importance of being in the moving industry for almost half-a-century! That gave us the necessary experience and skills to turn every relocation into success. We have come up with different moving strategies that help us solve every problem that might occur during the relocation process. In addition to this, our moving services NJ were carefully chosen to suit all of your moving needs. And last but not least, are our exceptional employees that always deliver! In case you decide to hire Gibraltar Van Lines, you’ll get movers that are:

  • Moving experts
  • Experienced and highly-skilled
  • Friendly but always professional
  • Both effective and efficient
  • Hard workers

With them by your side, you don’t have to worry about whether your move will be stressful or not. We take the stress and anxiety out of the equation!

Tailoring the move according to our consumers’ needs

We at Gibraltar Van Lines know that every relocation is unique in its own way. That is why we have prepared for our consumers a lot of different moving services, and also those that we like to call special moving services NJ. And let’s not forget that if you want to gain access to storage units Montclair NJ of the highest quality, all you need to do is hire us! We have everything necessary for tailoring the relocation according to your moving needs and requirements.

A 5 star moving service and storage NJ.
Hire Gibraltar Van Lines and you will get a 5-star moving service.

To help you understand better what we offer, here is a little sneak peek into some of the services we are ready to provide you with:

  • Local Moves & Storage Units NJ
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Residential Moves
  • Interstate Moves
  • Packing Services
  • Free Moving Boxes NJ
  • Commercial Moves

And, if you decide to hire Gibraltar Van Lines, you will also get the chance of hiring our piano, antique, and fine art movers NJ. Don’t settle for a mediocre company when our pros can help you with the whole relocation process!

Get quality storage NJ by moving with Gibraltar Van Lines

Whether you are relocating or you just want to get additional space in your home or office, we offer you complimentary use of our storage unit NJ! If your home is filled with clutter, don’t feel bad because of it. And do you know why? You are not the only one! Researches show that 25% of all Americans admit they have a problem with household clutter. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by getting a storage unit. When it comes to relocations, our commercial and residential movers NJ will be there to help you get the unit that will work the best for you. Our storage solutions are recognized as one of the best in New Jersey, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings while they are in our storage units NJ.

If your home is not ready to live in, or you are trying to streamline your space and want to keep items out of the way until later, the use of our storage Montclair NJ is an ideal solution for you. Whenever you are ready to retrieve the rest of your items, Gibraltar Van Lines will help you move them into your new home. We are committed to making our clients’ moves as stress-free and as simple as we can, which includes four months of free storage, free boxes and packing materials, and more.

A special offer you can’t refuse

You can get a lot of different services in New Jersey from many different companies. However, if you want to get the best moving deal and a quality storage unit to go with it, you will want to talk to our representatives. Apart from offering some of the best storage units Montclair NJ, there is more. We have prepared a great offer that you just can’t refuse! Our consumers’ needs matter the most to us, and that is why we have prepared this special offer for all of you who decide to rent a unit from Gibraltar Van Lines. So, what does this special offer include?

Storage Montclair NJ residents can rely on

If you have just moved into your new home and are not quite ready to move in all your belongings, Gibraltar Van Lines has a special offer for you. We offer up to four months of free storage at our storage facility in NJ for all of our customers who use our moving services NJ. This storage service may help alleviate any leasing, closing, or traveling costs which you would otherwise incur. We take advantage of reinforced steel bins with steel doors to securely store all of your possessions to ensure their safety until you are ready to retrieve them.

When you are busy worrying about so many other parts of the moving process, finding a public storage facility is the last thing you need to add to your list. Our moving experts ensure that our storage Montclair NJ is clean and secure. After your first four months of free storage, we offer an affordable monthly rate for those who need a little more time moving everything into their new home.

Let us relocate you and use our storage units Montclair NJ for the first 4 months FREE of charge!

Storage units Montclair NJ with green doors.
We are proud that our moving services are proof that quality at a cost-effective price exists.

What concerns most people when it comes to getting relocation services and storage solutions is the cost of these services. It seems like almost all of our clients think that to get quality, they need to spend more money. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is true. However, we wanted to change this! We understand how important it is to find a storage unit in which all of your belongings will be safe and secure. That is why you can use our storage NJ solutions for the first 4 months for free after every move!

If you are wondering where the catch is, there is none! We wanted to complement our services with the free use of reliable storage units Montclair NJ to reward you for hiring us. So, if you decide to call our team for your relocation, you will be able to use our storage services for free during the first four months. After the completion of this period, we will offer you an affordable monthly rate if you want to keep the unit for a couple of more months. In case you want to learn more about our prices, feel free to contact us or get a free moving estimate right on our website!

Free packing materials and boxes

Whether you plan on using a storage unit NJ for one month or more, it is necessary to pack all of your belongings the right way before storing them. Even the storage unit of the highest quality won’t be able to keep the mold away if you have packed wet clothes in it. Therefore, finding quality packing supplies and using it properly is of the utmost importance! However, it has come to our mind that most of our consumers hate packing. They are struggling with finding packing supplies that aren’t damaged, and they don’t know how to use it in the best possible way. That gave us an idea!

At Gibraltar Van Lines, you will have the chance of getting packing and crating service. Our moving professionals will pack all of your belongings in the fastest and safest manner! In addition to this, to make your relocation more wallet-friendly, you can get quality packing materials and boxes for FREE. This way, whether you decide to pack on your own or with the help of our movers, your items will be protected in our boxes of excellent quality!

Customer service you can count on

We want to point out that all of our employees will be there to help you organize your storage NJ and store with ease. Whether you have a question or two, or you want to get additional pieces of information, give us a call! We will gladly answer all of your questions regarding our services and help you out. Please, don’t hesitate to talk to us and inform us about all of your moving requirements. Only this way, we will be able to meet them all!

A man in suit getting ready to shake hands.
Forget about the moving madness and let the team of our moving professionals help you.

In case you need office movers NJ, we will help you relocate and/or store your belongings in a way that won’t affect your business. Being a serious moving company, we are aware of keeping the business going even during challenging times. Therefore, if you want to stay productive during your move, we will be there to make it possible! Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company you can rely on!

Store with Gibraltar Van Lines in 3 easy steps

There is no need for renting storage separately when we offer all our customers that we help relocate Free Storage for up to 120 days! You can get one, and then visit the NJ Housing Resource Center to inform yourself about housing options in New Jersey. And, luckily, getting a storage unit has never been easier! You can do it in three easy steps!

  1. Call us to get any of our moving services. You can get in touch with us via phone, email, or our website.
  2. Note that you will also need the use of storage. Our representatives will check the availability of our storage units Montclair NJ and confirm whether one is available at that moment or not.
  3. Move in all of your belongings. Congrats! Once we finalize the details of your move, all you have to do is come see us, collect your keys, and store your possessions. Our team will be happy to assist you every step of the way!

Ready for the best storage units NJ? Give us a call!

So, are you ready to relocate with the bonus use of storage units Montclair NJ? If so, what are you waiting for? Make the first step and get in touch with us! We will inform you about the details and be by your side to ensure your satisfaction. Don’t risk the safety of your precious belongings and instead hire Gibraltar Van Lines. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Gibraltar Van Lines is an accredited moving company in NJ that has been rated A+ by the BBB, and a team of movers NJ that you can always count on. If you are interested in learning more about our storage facility in NJ, call us at 1-800-262-3499. We look forward to helping you.

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