Settling claims with movers – tips and tricks

Since relocation is quite a complex process, even though you have made a proper moving plan, accidents can easily happen. If it occurs that your belongings are dented, scratched or broken, you should file a claim against your moving company. This process can last for some time, but the good thing is that it should be resolved within a given time-span. In order to give you a helping hand, we have made detailed instructions on settling claims with movers.

The first thing you should do is to take pictures

As soon as you notice that some of your items have any sort of damage, you should take pictures. This is essential because it will serve as evidence. Make sure you use a good digital camera when taking these pictures. The reason for this is simple- the details should be easy to detect.

Before filing a claim, make sure you photograph everything

In addition to this, do not sell these items or throw them before settling claims with movers. It can easily happen that your moving company asks to inspect the items and confirm the damage. Store them in your garage and do not use them. Also, if a certain item is broken, keep all the pieces together in one bag. In case you plan on moving again soon, feel free to put your trust in long-distance movers NJ. An oversight like this is very unlikely to happen to them.

Save all the documents from the moving company

When hard copy documents are in question, it is preferable that you save them. To be more precise, these are the following:

  • contracts,
  • emails,
  • bills,
  • letters,
  • receipts and
  • faxes.

They are going to help you document when you have hired the company, the day when they have moved your belongings and the point when you have discovered the damaged items. So, what you need to do before you send original documents back to the company is to scan or copy them. Yet another thing you can do is to use the postal tracking number. By doing this, you will be able to get a Proof of Delivery notice via the shipping company that is used by the moving company. This will indicate that the items were delivered by the moving company which will make them liable for any damage to the items.

Before filing a claim, contact the moving company

Once you have collected all the pieces of information you need, contact your moving company. Let them know that you intend to file a claim for the partial or full value of the damaged goods. After that, your moving company should provide you with information about how they are settling claims.

It is preferable to notify your mover about this move

Another thing you should remember to ask is if there is some form you need to submit. Some companies can request a personal inspection of the damaged goods. Of course, they are going to let you know this on time. Also, make sure you know everything about their settlement procedures before your conversation ends. This is the only way in which you can be sure that your claim is processed.

The most important part when settling claims with movers is filing them

A majority of moving companies will provide you with a claim form you should complete and submit to them. This is something you must do within nine months of the mover’s delivery date. This is the only way for the claim to be processed and recognized. Something that you should also do when submitting the claim is to add some pieces of evidence. For example, you can also submit a copy of your inventory list of all damaged items.

Do not wait long to file a claim

In addition to this, you can also add photographs of the damage. Another thing you should bear in mind is to get a tracking number for all the documents you will send. It can happen that the moving company denies receiving your claim in court. In the meantime, feel free to unpack your belongings and make your new house a home. If it happens that you need more space, rent a storage unit. You can rely on storage units Montclair NJ.

Give the company 30 days to respond to your claim

According to the law, the moving company has as much as 30 days to notify you that they have received your claim. After that, the claim must be resolved within 120 days. If it happens that they notify you they have received your claim, but you do not hear from them within 120 days, you can file a claim against them. It often happens that, if you threaten to do so, they resolve your claim quickly. It is not in their interest that a file is claimed against them. This piece of information will be public and they can lose a lot of new clients. So, before you file a claim against them, call them and see if they can speed the process up.

If you are not happy with the settlement, consider small claims court

In case your moving company refuses to cover the costs or offers you an insufficient settlement, consider taking the company to small claims court. This is your right and you should feel free to do so if you feel they are not being fair to you. In order to do this, you will have to complete a Small Claims Court application.

This should be your last option

They will ask you all kinds of documents and, if you have kept them, there will be no problem. However, you should keep in mind that this process can last for several months. So, be patient and, hopefully, this will end up in a satisfactory way.

When you have been thinking about what moving company to hire, you have certainly done your best to avoid fraudulent movers. However, this is something that cannot always prevent your belongings from getting damaged. If something like this happens, the only solution is settling claims with movers.

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