The risks of hiring amateur movers

Moving is a complex process. While on the surface it may seem straightforward enough, it has a lot of nuance to it. That is why it is advisable to hire professional movers for your move. Simply put, the risks of hiring amateur movers to outweigh the gains from hiring them. These risks will be precisely the topic of this article. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Moving on your own or hiring a moving service?

There is a decision before anyone organizing their move. Would they conduct the move on their own or hire a moving service for it? That really depends on the type of move. In some more straightforward moves, it is fine to move on your own. Things like moving within the same city with not many items fall into this category. However, the more complex a move is, the smarter it is to go with a moving service. In cases that involve, for example, moving a company, the help from professional movers like moving companies Wayne NJ becomes invaluable. However, they do come with a price.

A pile of coins
While it seems cheaper to hire them, the risks of hiring amateur movers don’t make it really worthwhile.

This price is usually the point where people may opt for hiring amateur movers. Although cheaper, amateur movers will lack the professionalism and training of professional movers. They may also not have the right equipment for the job. In most cases then, hiring amateur movers can lead to even more moving stress than you would usually feel in a move. However, the risks of hiring amateur movers go just increasing your moving stress. So, let’s see what they are.

The risk of a scam

First and worst on our list of dangers of hiring amateur movers is the risk that they would turn out to be fraudulent. Professional moving services like moving companies Maplewood NJ will have to pass specific requirements to be registered. However, amateur movers have a tendency not to be registered. They are usually groups, advertising in local or internet ads. That means they will be significantly harder to track down if they turn out to be fraudulent in your move. That also means they can’t offer guarantees with any backing for your move.

A computer keyboard with a red button saying "get me out of here". Scams are just one of the many risks of hiring amateur movers
Fraudulent movers often pose as amateur movers.

Another thing that makes it very difficult to make out if the amateur movers are fraudulent is a lack of information. While you can file a formal complaint with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) against a fraudulent professional moving company, there is no such option with unregistered amateur companies. Since anyone can see these complaints on the FMCSA website, it’s easy to find out if a moving company is fraudulent.  On the other hand, amateur moving companies usually won’t even have a website to post negative reviews on. Both of these make it harder to weed out scams amongst amateur moving companies. That, in turn, attracts scammers to them as well. All this makes being scammed one of the risks of hiring amateur movers.

The risk of damages – one of the usual dangers of hiring amateur movers

Even if you were able to weed out the fraudulent movers, there is another great risk of hiring amateur movers. That risk is your items being damaged in a move. The more complicated your move gets, the greater this risk is. A good example is a move that includes moving antique furniture.

Professional moving companies will have people trained for this. They will be well equipped and will have done it many times in the past. As such, they will know all the pitfalls to avoid while packing antique furniture. That will make sure no damage occurs to your items. Professional movers will take up this kind of a move only if they are equipped for it. The risk to their business and reputation would be too high otherwise.

A woman walking in front of an antique furniture piece
Moving antique furniture and other complex moves are best left to the professionals.

On the other hand, amateur movers might be tempted to take a job that involves a complicated moving situation even without the proper tools or experience. With less of a reputation on the line, they can afford the risk.

However, the damage that can occur in these situations will be much greater than the money you save from hiring amateur movers. The same risk applies to all kinds of moves. Even if you don’t have any individual items, when hiring amateur movers, you run the risk of them being mishandled. Chances are you will need to sue to get the damages back. That will only cause you further stress and waste your own time.

The risk of amateur movers being unreliable

Finally, one of the lesser risks of hiring amateur movers is still not to be ignored. While hiring a professional moving service like moving services NJ, you can expect reliability. That means that they will be on time for every stage of the move and refuse to take on a move they cannot complete.

On the other hand, amateur movers, even if not fraudulent, may overestimate themselves to get your business. Apart from the risk of them not conducting the move on time, there is one greater risk here. There is a chance that upon realizing they cannot move some of your items, the amateur moving company will simply give up. That will then cause you more stress and wasted time as you look for a professional company to replace them.

The risks of hiring amateur movers and how to avoid them

In this article, we have laid out some of the most common risks of hiring amateur movers. However, this has left one question unanswered. How do you avoid amateur movers? The answer is simple – just research. Look up the moving company online. Make sure they are registered and have no complaints filed against them. Usually, you will be able to tell if a moving company is professional at a glance. So, keep a level head, and you will easily find a good moving company for your move!

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