Reviewing movers online – why do it?

Moving is a complex process. It doesn’t only involve packing and relocating your whole life. It also involves deciding who is going to conduct your move. You may choose to perform the move yourself, or you may go with hiring professional movers. In the case of the latter, while having to pay, you get a professional moving service from people that conduct the moves daily. However, you will need to decide what moving company to choose. That is where reviewing movers online comes into play. It is an invaluable source for anyone looking to determine what moving company to hire for their move. But this is not the only reason to write a review of your movers. As you will see, it is only the tip of the iceberg. So, let’s get into it.

Reviewing movers online as a way to help out others

As we mentioned above, reviewing movers online can help others decide what moving company to hire. With the moving business being as developed as it is, there can be a multitude of choices. That is especially true for large cities and densely packed metropolitan areas. In these cases, the abundance of choice can be overwhelming. So, instead of sifting through pages and pages of an internet search to find the right moving company, for example, for long-distance movers NJ, people will focus on the few top results. While these may very well all be good companies, only one will be chosen for the move.

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Reviewing movers online can be a way to help other people in their search for reliable movers.

In these cases, user reviews can help others find out what kind of a moving company they are looking at. They can also check to see if the moving company that caught their eye would be the right one for their move. For example, leaving a good user review on a company that moved your antique furniture successfully will signal others with the same need that they can hire this company. All this can help people looking for the right movers for their move save time in moving preparations.

Reward good movers

Closely tied to the point above, reviewing movers online can be a way to reward good movers. As we mentioned, people will be looking at other people’s experiences when deciding on a moving company. That is just natural human behavior that goes beyond moving. In fact, reviews are such a powerful tool that they have been well recognized in marketing for a long time now. With that in mind, it becomes clear how much you can help your movers by writing a useful review. So, if you have been left satisfied with the move they conducted, you can reward them with a positive review that will help their business bloom.

A blackboard with the word feedback written on it
A useful review can reward your movers and help them keep up the good work.

To make the best of this review, try and keep it short but detailed enough that the people reading it can relate to it. That especially goes for specific moves and services you might have used. Say you found the services of storage units Montclair NJ great during your move. Mentioning that in your review will help them attract the business of customers looking for the same specific service. As you can see, this can have a double positive effect. First of all, you are helping people in need of a good mover find one. Secondly, you are rewarding the movers you were satisfied with by promoting their business!

Discourage bad movers

As we mentioned before, reviews can be a very powerful tool. Not only can reviewing movers online help grow their business, but it can also signal to other people fraudulent movers. Unfortunately, as with every business, there are a few bad apples in the moving profession as well. Companies that will act fraudulently or even try to scam people. If you had the misfortune of running into one of these companies, there are a few things you can do. First of all, you can file a formal complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These can have a major impact on the fraudulent moving company. However, a lot of people don’t know about them and probably won’t read them.

A man typing on his laptop
A negative review will help people steer clear from fraudulent movers.

On the other hand, you could write a negative review of your movers online. You can post it on their website so that any visitors can see. That will help other people steer clear of the fraudulent moving company. As such, it will deal a major blow to their business. While this may not be much satisfaction to someone, who experienced that fraudulence first hand, at least you will be saving other people from it. However, the moving company might remove your negative reviews from their website. In that case, you can leave your review on one of the many consumer forums where they can’t affect it.

How to write a mover’s review?

Now that we’ve seen how reviewing movers online can affect their business, its time to see how to write an adequate review of your movers. One thing to keep in mind here will be simplicity. People will not have time to go through elaborate or lengthy reviews. Writing one such would probably be a waste of your time. Instead, try to keep it short and include as many useful details such as:

  • How recent was your move
  • What kind of specifics your move had
  • What you liked or disliked about the way the moving company handled your move
  • Would you recommend the moving company to someone else?
  • How would you rate the overall experience with the moving company

All these will help the reader form a definite opinion without you wasting too much of your own time.

Reviewing movers online and why to do it

As you could see, considering movers online can have a significant impact on their business. You can help it grow or help other people steer clear. Just keep it simple and to do the point. After all, chances are you read other people’s reviews before your own move. Hopefully, they helped you as much as you will help someone else.

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