Renting a moving truck – pros and cons

Usually when people talk about moving they talk about two types of moving. Being moved by a moving company or conducting the move on their own or with the help of their friends. The first type I usually used when moving over large distances or having to move a lot of items. The other is mentioned in the context of moving locally and with a few items. However, what if we told you there is a third option? A way to conduct a move yourself, over any distance, no matter the number of items you have? That would be by renting a moving truck. And it is as great as it sounds, but it does come with its own cons. To give you a good overview of all the pros and cons, we devised this article. So, let’s look at what you gain and what you risk when renting a moving truck.

The pros of renting a moving truck

We like to keep things positive around here. After all, as the best moving companies in NJ might tell you, any move is a chance for a fresh new start and that is a pretty positive thing. So, let us start off with the pros.

You dictate the timeframe of the move

One of the major pros of renting a moving truck is that you get to dictate when the move will take place. Comfortable driving at night, and like to sleep in? No problem, pack the moving truck in the afternoon and set off. Want to get an early start as a morning person? That is fine too. You dictate the timeline of the move here. This pro goes well beyond comfort. In certain moving situations, you might not know when you will be able to set off. Instead of paying the moving company to wait for you, you can solve this problem by renting a moving truck. The schedule here really is in your hands.

Keep the valuables safe

Another pro of renting a moving truck is the advantage of knowing that you are keeping your valuables safe. Sure, having a professional moving service will make you feel safer knowing your items are in good hands, especially in the case of moving sculptures, fine art, and other valuables. However, if you can’t find a good moving company in your area, you might as well take good care of your valuables yourself. Granted, when it comes to specific items like artwork, it will require you some research. However, you will still be the one packing them and providing them the perfect care they need.

Jeweled rings
Be mindful of your valuables when you make any kind of a stop during amove.

As for jewelry, money and other more portable valuables, you would still be well advised to keep them on your person even if you have hired a professional moving service. However, when renting a moving truck you will at least be holding them all in one place. Just make sure you don’t leave them in the truck if you are taking a sleepover stop as moving trucks are a great target for local thieves.

You get to drive a moving truck!

Finally, a great pro of renting a moving truck is that you get to drive it! How often do you get a chance to drive such a great vehicle? Most of us rarely, if ever. And we hear it’s an amazing feeling! However, before you get over-excited by this pro, make sure you research all the costs that entail. Depending on the moving truck, you might not be able to park everywhere or you might be charged more at certain points of the journey. These can be classified as hidden moving costs when renting a moving truck.

A driver seat view from a moving truck
One of the pros of renting a moving truck is that you get to drive it!

The cons

Unfortunately, most things in life have a con side and it wouldn’t be honest from us to omit these. Some of them have a comparable partner in the form of moving costs, there are services like moving costs NJ to help you have a good overview of them. Others, however, are unique to renting a moving truck.

It can be dangerous

One of the major cons of renting a moving truck is that you probably don’t have experience with vehicles of that size. Whenever you drive an unfamiliar vehicle there are real dangers. To mitigate them, you should get to know the vehicle well and take it slow and careful. However, moves are usually hectic, you might be tired from packing and loading the moving truck and in a rush to get to your new home. This can be very dangerous so always keep this con in mind.

A truck on a dark road. When renting a moving truck keep in mind that driving it can be dangerous
Make sure you get to know the vehicle before using it.

You will be responsible for loading and offloading your items

When hiring a moving company, you will have moving professional load the moving truck and maybe even help pack your items. However, when renting a moving truck you will be responsible for loading it as well. As moving industry professionals might tell you there is a right way to load the moving truck.

Setting the Heavy items in the back and bulky items at the sides. The risk here is that you would improperly load the moving truck resulting in your heavy items crushing your more fragile ones and generally creating a  lot of mess inside the moving truck. Also, when you arrive at your new home, exhausted, you will have to unload the moving truck too.

Costs of renting a moving truck

Finally, one of the cons of renting a moving truck is that it comes with its own costs. But wait, you might say, so does hiring a moving company. That is true, but, provided you hire a professional moving company, you will have skilled workers preparing and relocating your items. On the other hand, when you rent out a moving truck you will be paying for the truck itself, without the added safety of professionals organizing your move.

Should you consider renting a moving truck?

The point of this article was not to convince you to do or do not rent a moving truck. The decision of whether you will be renting a moving truck rests solely on you. We just aimed to give you all the pros and cons. You can use these and apply them to your move and decide what fits you best. After all, no two moves are the same.

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