Renting 24-hour storage – practical tips

There is only so much space a person can have. In the world were more and more of us are living in cities, and where apartments are becoming ever smaller, there is more and more need for good storage units. Spaces where you can store your items for whatever time you need. Be it that you only need short term storage for 24 h, or you need storage all year long with 24 h access, renting 24-hour storage is a good thing to do once you find your apartment too small and your possessions too numerous. But what should you keep in mind before renting 24-hour storage and what to do once you do? Well, we will cover all the things you should know right here. Let’s dive right in.

Renting 24-hour storage – first know your storages

So, first off, you need to know what kind of storage Montclair NJ (or any other place you are in need of storage in) you need. To do so, we need to see what’s on the menu, figuratively speaking…

First off, we should discern between outdoor and indoor storage facilities. That would be the most basic division and one that is rather self-explanatory. The outdoor storage facility offers units that are accessible from the outside. There are not inside a building, meaning they are perfect for when you are renting 24-hour storage with your mindset on accessibility. However, the indoor option, one where all the units are part of a building, also has its benefits. Those become especially clear once you are faced with bad weather, or lack of climate-controlled units while using outdoor storages.

Renting 24-hour storage - a clock ticking
Renting a 24 storage?

And speaking of climate-controlled storages. What kind of benefits do these storage units provide? Well, they are your best protection against moisture and, therefore, a good way of avoiding the formation and proliferation of dangerous mold. We will talk about that more in the next chapter.

However, sometimes, we use storage units for something unconventional. Something that requires special attention. Well, you will find that there are special storage units that are there to provide you with these kinds of extra services. Wine storage, automobile storage, etc… These kinds of things.

Well, these are the main types of storage you should keep in mind. What are your needs? There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. You should take items to be stored, price of the storage, access options and more in mind while you make up your choice.

One of the more important factors you should take into account while choosing is, of course, safety. But safety from what?

Dangers for the stored items

Let us turn our attention to what dangers are threatening your possessions while they sit in storage. After your Bergen County movers relocate your items into your facility of choice for renting 24-hour storage, what should you be careful about?

It is easy enough to think that, after you leave your items in storage, there is nothing that can really happen to them. After all, there are just sitting there, quite literary collecting dust. If you have no food, anything alive or anything quite clearly degradable, you should be fine, right?

Well, while your stored items will be motionless and inside a unit, the dust might not be the only company they have. There are other visitors to your storage that might pose a much more insidious threat. Let us see what those could be

  • Pest. First of all, let us begin with rodents and insects. These little critters are no good news. Termites will make sure that anything wooden will disappear by the time of your next visit, while rats are death to literary anything that can be chewed through. Not to mention possible infections they spread while you are renting 24-hour storage.
  • Moisture. While you can always call up exterminators to deal with a pest infestation, that would be a lot harder to do with moisture. If you are in a humid climate in general, and if the humidity in your storage is high in particular, you will need a climate-controlled storage
  • Mold. A consequence of moisture, mold is dangerous to your health. Make sure to call professionals should you encounter some.
  • Structural dangers. While saving money is good, there should be some minimum requirements for any cost. Structural integrity is one.
  • Burglary. Stick to 24/7 protected storages to stay the hands of burglars.

Packing material

In order to have success in renting 24-hour storage without any damage to your items, you need to know what kind of material and or moving boxes NJ services you need.

If you pay professionals to do the loading and unloading of your items, you have nothing to worry about. However, should you have to do it yourself, be sure to follow a few guidelines. Boxes should not be too big, they should be sturdy and heaven things are never to be stacked on the lighter ones.

Clean and inspect

As movers Caldwell NJ crews will testify, storages can get dusty quickly. The only way to make sure that things you stored are presentable and operable, and that your storage is safe for your possessions, is to clean and inspect it regularly.

a women cleaning
Not the most enjoyable of experiences, but it ought to be done.

That way you will also stay acquainted with exactly what is it that you have stored there. It gets easy to forget.

Storage insurance when renting 24-hour storage

Finally, you just never know in life. There are no certainties. Some are fine with it, but others yet prepare for it by buying up insurance.

calculator and a check
Do you take insurance?

Most storage providers will offer insurance but always read the fine printIf you are not happy, you can ask for a third party or additional insurance (if they offer one).

In summary

When you sum it up, renting 24-hour storage is not that difficult. All you have to do is to check for what kind of storage you are looking for, inspect it periodically to make sure everything is fine, and pack it right!

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