Relocating office equipment: tips and tricks

Moving an office to another location can be complicated and it can take a lot of time. Besides all the documents and heavy furniture, there is usually a lot of equipment that needs to be handled. The following guide is made to help you with relocating office equipment, one step at a time. Take a look at how you can prepare, pack, and move your office inventory with ease.

Start getting ready on time

Relocating office equipment can be a time-consuming job. No matter how big your company is, you should make sure to start moving preparations early on. If you never moved office equipment before, here are some steps you should take in order to handle this process the right way.

big office space
Since office spaces usually have different types of items to move, you will have to get all the necessary supplies you can.
  • Making an inventory list. This is probably the most important step in relocating office equipment. Also, this list will help you assess the inventory and avoid loss during the move.
  • Preparing the inventory. Once you decide which pieces of inventory you need to move, you should prepare the inventory. Make sure to unplug all electronics and take apart furniture pieces.
  • Getting packing supplies. Since office spaces usually have different types of items to move, you will have to get all the necessary supplies you can. Moving boxes, packing tape, bubbly wrap, and cushioning materials are just some of them.
  • Hiring moving professionals. Whether you are relocating office equipment locally or long distance, hiring some of the best office movers NJ has to offer is recommendable.
  • Packing the inventory. You could choose between a DIY packing project or professional packing services.
  • Organizing the moving day. This is the most important part of the moving process. Make sure to have a list of important tasks before your moving day.

Prepare inventory before relocating office equipment

The first step in every relocation is making a moving plan. Besides information regarding important contacts and details of your moving day, this list should contain all your inventory. Office equipment can be very expensive and valuable, which is why you should prepare it for the move. What you want to do is to write down a list of furniture pieces, electronic devices, and computers. If you have enough rooms in your company, consider making one room a “packing room”. This will be the place to put all inventory you don’t need to use before the moving day.

team meeting
No matter the size of your office space and the number of employees you have, a business relocation should be teamwork.

However, if you need to move in a matter of days, you should consider hiring professional moving and packing experts. They will not only speed up the packing process but also make sure that all of your office inventory is safe for the move. By hiring some of the best movers Morris County NJ has to provide, you will save your time and avoid many troubles on your moving day.

Contact professional movers

When speaking of professional moving assistance, the best time to hire them is definitely before relocating office equipment. Since losing or damaging parts of inventory can cause financial troubles, paying for a moving service pays off in many ways. By hiring an experienced moving company like Gibraltar Van Lines, you will save your time and secure the value of your office equipment.

If you decide that hiring movers is a good choice for you, make sure to contact them as soon as you know the moving date. Relocating an office can take time, and it can be a source of big stress. No matter how far you plan to move your company, consider looking for professional movers in New Jersey to help you through this process.

Get packing supplies and disassemble office equipment

Unlike most household items, office inventory can be bulky and difficult to pack. Before relocating office equipment, you might need to disassemble some pieces of furniture, items like floor lamps, banners, and electronic devices. By doing so, you will have a much easier time packing everything into moving boxes. But first, what you’ll need to do is to get all the necessary packing supplies for relocating office equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardboard boxes in various sizes
  • Styrofoam corners
  • Protective plastic wrap
  • Bubbly paper and other cushioning materials
  • Packing tape and scissors.
  • A labeling machine or a marker

In case you don’t manage to get all of these supplies, you’ll still be able to pack successfully. However, it’s better to get more supplies than have too few of them. In case you decided to hire professional movers, you could check if your movers provide packing services and offer packing supplies.

Gather your employees and team up

The best thing you can do while relocating office equipment is to team up with your employees. No matter the size of your office space and the number of employees you have, a business relocation should be teamwork. Make sure to gather people and make an adjusted working schedule. If everyone gets a small task to deliver, you will make sure to avoid loss of business while moving. Besides planning the working hours, your employees could help with packing the inventory and handling other aspects of the move.

office computer
Hiring an experienced moving company will help you save time and secure the value of your office equipment.

Secure and label office inventory before the move

Another important step in relocating office equipment is securing and labeling of the inventory. If you are packing the equipment without professional assistance, don’t forget to label all moving boxes. This process will not be a waste of time. On the contrary, after labeling the moving boxes you will have an easier time unpacking once all of the equipment is moved to a new location. Plan your office relocation one step at a time and it will be a success for sure!

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