Relocating during a crisis – should you do it?

The global pandemic has captured the eye of the media all around the world. At this point, all you see on television is the news about the coronavirus. And, of course, the steady stream of bad news is not the only way that this pandemic is affecting us all. Unprecedented amounts of people around the world now have to try to do their best to self isolate in order to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic. However, there are some things people still need to be doing. Some still go to work, for example. All of us still have to go out and buy groceries etc. But what about relocating during a crisis such as this one? Is that essential? If it is, how should you go on about it? Well, we have some instructions for you.

Moving requires a lot of planning

So, let us start this by saying that, if you do have any way to postpone the move, you probably should. If plan with your movers Belleville NJ of choosing is not set in stone, you should try to postpone the plan. However, we are aware of exactly how much planning goes into a move. Weeks if not months before the actual thing occurs you are already planning for every single detail. Furthermore, if you were planning on moving, some things might already be put into motion that cannot be stoped. For example, your apartment might have already been sold, a new tenant found, etc. Maybe you disconnected your utilities and changed addresses.

If the situation such as we now described it, then you should definitely go on with the move (if there is no city-wide 24/7 lockdown – in other words, don’t go breaking any laws). This is because your move, in such a case, is definitely something that could be categorized as essential.

However, as before, planning is everything. Now more than ever. If you are going to be relocating during a crisis, you need a very solid plan.

You have to make sure you organize everything the right way

First off, contact your movers and inquire about their work regiment during the pandemic. There are some movers that will not be working. Others, yet, will work but with a different set of methods and instructions. There are even movers that are offering a total zero-contact service!

You should plan to have the least amount of contact with the moving crew as possible. If you are part of a family, make sure that only one person in the family is in contact with the movers. Also, plan to have enough disinfection supplies in order to deal with all the packaged things your movers handle. Take all the precautions and move some of the things by yourself.

Relocating during a crisis, additional services

As far as we know, moving costs NJ don’t change due to the pandemic. That is good and to be expected. However, you should review exactly what services you want movers to provide. As we said, the main priority right now is to decrease any contact with people. This means the moving crew as well. With this in mind, you should also strive towards handling as much of packaging as you can by yourself. This way, you will not have to clean and disinfect as much of your possessions as in the case that you left your movers to handle the.

Writing on a pad
What additional services will you need?

However, do be aware that this will mean that you will have to, well, do it all by yourself. It is not an easy thing to do. Furthermore, if you don’t have the moving supplies, you will find that going out and buying them is just as dangerous as having movers deliver them to your door. Consider these pros and cons before deciding about additional services when relocating during a crisis.

Find good movers

If you are determined to be moving during a crisis, you will need the best movers Newark NJ you can find. The movers you will want during the crisis are the ones with the most professional crews, best logistical capability, and long-time experience. To find out which one of the moving companies is better, first to their websites. Read about how much storages they provide, how big is their fleet of trucks. You will want a company with logistical capability big enough to deal with this.

After that, read the reviews. Are they complimenting them on professional crews and punctuality? That is what you are looking for during this mayhem. Finally, make sure that the company you are choosing is the most experienced one out of the bunch. A pandemic on this scale has not happened for a century, which means no one really knows how this will affect business, but general experience means that they went through most hardships out of them all. This also means that they will probably be the most effective of the all when relocating during a crisis

Or find alternatives

However, we will stress this again. Postpone your move with movers Livingston NJ if you have any alternative. If you only now started planning, postpone. If you don’t have to move out or in for a job, try to postpone.

Do you have time on your side?

The epidemic is spreading fast and all of us have a responsibility towards ourselves, our loved ones and others to not spread the disease with us.

Inform yourself of the dangers

Finally, if you do have to move, or you are still wondering about how will you relocating during a crisis pan out, you should read about Covid 19.

In short, the best measures to stop the spread of this virus are:

  • Minimize the contact. One of the biggest reasons why relocating during a crisis could be a bad idea.
  • Wash your hands. Regularly. Every time you touched something from the outside, wash your hands.
  • Clean everything! Anything that comes from the outside should be cleaned. If you just moved in, then literary everything.
relocating during a crisis - washing your hands
Wash your hands!

Come to an informed decision

With all the info we have given you, you have all the knowledge you need to decide should you be relocating during a crisis. We wish you all the best. Stay safe.

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