Reasons to rent short-term storage

No matter how big your apartment or house is, at some point you’ll wish that you had more space. We all do it from time to time. We’d like an extra room to make into a study or a balcony big enough for a built-in jacuzzi or just another cupboard for all the unnecessary stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. Two of those are major projects that’ll require a lot of planning and work. But luckily, you can get some extra storage space quite easily with the help of New Jersey movers. Not sure if that’s quite what you need and don’t want to spend money without a good reason? Well, here are some of the best and most common reasons to rent short-term storage – see if you find yourself in one of them!

Reasons to rent short-term storage when moving

People commonly rent storage space while they’re moving. This is why moving companies Essex County NJ so often provide storage services as well. But why exactly is short-term storage a good idea during relocation? Here are a few situations when you’ll be glad to have a storage unit!

Woman considering reasons to rent short-term storage when moving.
Storage is often a good idea when moving.

Make packing easier

Packing is always the hardest part of moving. The fact that it takes a long time doesn’t help either. So if you’re the kind of person who does their own packing and likes to take their time with it, you’ll probably start weeks in advance by packing the things you’re not currently using. The question then becomes: what to do with the boxes until movers arrive? The answer is to rent short-term storage! You can just put away boxes you don’t want lying around the house and not worry about them. You’ll have more space and it’ll be easier to move around for packing and cleaning.

Buy yourself a little time if things go awry

Unfortunately and in spite of all your preparations, things can go wrong with your relocation. You may need to leave your home before you’re ready and stay at a friend’s. Or your movers may not be available when you need them. In such situations, you can’t lug all your belongings with you. And that’s when storage Montclair NJ is the perfect short-term solution. So when something goes wrong and you need a few extra days to get back on your feet and put your relocation back on track, renting a storage unit is a good idea.

Reasons to rent short-term storage when remodeling

People use storage even when they’re not moving, most commonly while remodeling. If you have a great idea for a remodel and want to make it a reality, you’ll certainly spend some time with your house in total disarray. You’ll usually need to take apart what you already have and then put the room back together differently. This requires that you move your stuff out of the room you’re remodeling. And if you don’t want that stuff to be in the way, then that’s a good reason to rent storage for a bit!

House being remodeled.
Remodeling is easier when theres nothing in the way.

Protect your belongings

Depending on the kind of work you need to do for your remodeling project, there may be paint, tools and other debris lying around the room you’re doing work in and even the rest of the house. This can cause damage to some of your items. Paint splatter, for example, is not easy to get out of sofas and cushions. And any appliances you own can very easily be catastrophically damaged by accident during remodeling. The best way to protect your belongings from such damage is to get them out of the way. And renting short-term storage is a good way to do so!

Make the work easier

Having your stuff in the way while you remodel is not just bad for your belongings; it can also make the remodeling work itself more difficult and even dangerous. You or your contractors might bump into things, trip, slip, and fall because of a lack of space and too much mess. And it is, after all, just plain easier to get work done if things aren’t in your way. This is just one more of the reasons to rent short-term storage when remodeling.

Reasons to rent short-term storage for extra space

Storage isn’t just for when your packing for a move or remodeling your house though. In fact, most people rent storage for one simple reason: they need more space. It might be because they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and have nowhere to keep it or it might be because they’re downsizing and suddenly have less space than they’re used to. And sometimes, people just need to declutter without flat-out getting rid of stuff. But this usually requires a long-term solution. So when might you possibly have a reason to rent short-term storage for extra space?

People having a house party.
Make more space for your guests by utilizing storage.

Hold an event at home

You can turn your home into the perfect location for a party, pot luck, a baby shower, or even a wedding. But if you’re going to have a lot of people over, you might also need a lot of space. So when you’re planning a big gathering, rent storage space and put away unnecessary furniture and clutter. You’ll have more room for decorations and dancing!

Prepare your home for a new member of the family

One of the reasons to rent short-term storage that you may not have considered is expanding your family. When you get a new pet, for example, you’ll need to pet-proof your house. And when you’re expecting a baby, you should also expect some major changes to your living space. If you’re not sure whether something is safe for the new member of your family (whether furry or human), you can put it in storage until you figure it out. Temporarily putting clutter away will also allow you to cover outlets, table corners, and the like easier and without things getting in the way.

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