Reasons to hire professional fine art movers

When it comes to fine art moving, you could spend many days on properly packing. If you are a collector of fine art, packing that collection or particular pieces present a complex and demanding task. Fine art comes in many shapes and forms and it is not easy to determine its material value. That means it could be a wall painting, a fragile sculpture, or even an ornament. If you realize that you can’t handle this task alone, there is a solution. Our fine art movers NJ have developed strategy and skills to perform these special kinds of packing and moving. Although DIY fine art moving may be the cheaper way to relocate your valuables, think thick. Along with this, we will remind you of reasons to hire professional fine art movers.

 Why you should hire professional fine art movers?

If you have ever moved before, you know that you have to protect your fragile items when while packing process. As transportation could take even several days, protected items are under the risk of damaging. When it comes to your invaluable belongings like fine art, you can’t be careless at all. Because these fragile valuables require special handling from point A to point B. Otherwise, it could be ruined and destroyed.  For that reason, they rather should be entrusted to reputable experts such as Gibraltar Van Lines. So if you are looking for someone to help move fine art pieces, you are in the right place.

We will remind you of some reasons why you should hire professionals.

Safety first- this is why you should hire professional fine art movers

When you are a fine art owner, it can make your moving process extra stressful. Nonetheless, we understand that your personal belongings are very precious for you, especially when it comes to pieces of art. If you don’t have the experience and required knowledge to protect fine art pieces while packing, better let experienced movers do that instead of you. The safety of your fine art should be high to the list of your priorities.

hire professional fine art movers
Our facilities has a great security system.

When it comes to safety, we also want to remind you of the space where you will have to keep your valuable. Sometimes it is hard to find an ideal place inside your new home. There is no doubt that your fine art requires specific conditions for storing. In inappropriate conditions, you can expect unwanted changes in your fine art. As well as that, our storage Montclair NJ is here to help you conduct any fine art moving. Our storage units NJ are not your average self-storage units. Moreover, units inside our facilities are one of the high-quality storage units NJ has. The protection and security they offer can ensure the absolute safety of your fine art.  No matter if you have to store fine art here for shorter or longer periods of time, we can’t provide you with flawless storage service.

Better safe than sorry

Our main goal always is the satisfaction of your customers. That is why we have decided to let you know about the importance of hiring fine art movers. Every decent moving company will warn you of a lack of insurance coverage when it comes to your belongings. Fine art insurance companies offer a variety of insurance policies. One of those covers physical damage done to artwork while in transit. So make sure to opt for this one. Logistics companies take special precautions to avoid even the slightest damage. However, there is still a chance something unexpected will happen. These rare but possible situations make art insurance more than welcome. That is why you need to take two steps.

  • The first step is to hire professional fine art movers.
  • The second step is to consider additional moving insurance.

Certain works of fine art get insured for extremely large amounts. But those amounts can never compare to the intrinsic value of those one-of-a-kind pieces. Although you don’t have to move any famous Picasso painting, nonetheless the fine art you own is no less important. As well as that, you probably thinking what types of moving insurance to consider? It is good to know that there are two types of fine art insurance. One protects you if you by chance purchase a stolen piece and the other protects you in case of theft or damage. Even if investing your money in additional insurance is an extra cost, it is always a good decision. Both light and heavy works of art are fragile. Because of this fact they require careful lifting and crating. So make sure to take care of insurance of your fine art before relocation.

Opt for additional insurance.

Gathering required supplies and equipment

Whether it comes to paintings or sculptures, packing fine art is not that easy. If the artwork is large in size, the process could be particularly demanding. Besides, sometimes is almost impossible to gather the necessary equipment to conduct your relocation. However, it is not so hard if you hire reliable fine art movers specializing in the field of fine art relocation. Remember, your movers should be insured and registered at FMCSA. So check their reputation and let them do this job instead of you. When you cooperate with a reputable company, there is no reason for fear anymore. You can be sure that every single piece of your fine artwork will be in safe hands.

Conclusion -Why should you hire professional fine art movers?

While standard moving companies know how to handle standard furniture, fine art should be entrusted to professionals with a specific skill-set. Their training and experience in dealing with precious cargo such fine art give them authority in the field of fine art relocation. Also, they take into account all logistics factors influencing the moving process, performing quality assessment along the way. The moving of fine art requires both special handling and moving conditions. The biggest challenges are :

  • Packaging of inadequate size and abrasive wrapping materials
  • Absence of climate control in vehicles and storage facilities
  • Theft and lack of custom-made insurance
  • Insufficiently trained staff members are one of the reasons to hire professional fine art movers.

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