Reasons to rent climate-controlled storage

A storage unit can be the answer to all your prayers when moving, remodeling, de-cluttering, or downsizing. It is perfect for getting the things you don’t currently need out of your way. It works for almost any amount of things you own, and it can be a short-term or long-term solution depending on your needs. In short, storage Montclair NJ is a great option if you need some extra space. But not all storage space was created equal. Some units are bigger while some are smaller. And then some are safer while others are cleaner. And most importantly, some are climate-controlled while others are not. If you want the best, however, there are no two ways about it: you will want to rent climate-controlled storage. It is, in many ways, the far superior choice. And we are about to tell you exactly why.

What are your options when renting storage?

Not all storage is the same, and exactly what kind of storage works for you will depend on why you need it. If you are, for example, renovating your living room, you may only need a small amount of space for a short time. If you are moving, however, you may need to rent a larger unit that fits all of your belongings. And if you are decluttering, you may want to donate some of your stuff and rent a smaller unit long-term instead of wasting money on a lot of storage space over a long period of time. So let’s take a look at all the storage options you should consider before deciding on the perfect unit for you!

Storage units.
There’s a variety of options when it comes to storage.

Choosing the right size

One of the first things you should consider when looking for storage is the size of the unit. All the best moving companies NJ offer a variety of options here, from 5’x5′ (the size of a small closet) to 10’x30′ (about as much as a one-and-a-half-car garage). And in most cases, you can rent climate-controlled storage in any of those sizes. So consider how much stuff you want to store and choose a size based on that. When in doubt, go a size bigger!

Short-term vs. long-term

Another important question is how long you plan on storing your things for. In most cases, you can rent climate-controlled storage short-term (typically for three months or less) or long-term (for more than three months). You may be able to get a better deal price-wise on long-term storage. But if you’re not sure how long you’re going to need it for, it’s best to go with short-term instead. Short-term storage is more accessible, can be prolonged, and is overall more flexible.

Climate-controlled or not?

Finally, the question of whether you should rent climate-controlled storage or not is one you need to answer. Climate-controlled storage tends to be more expensive, but it is also better for your possessions. The temperature in climate-controlled units is stable, the air is drier and of better quality and there’s less chance for typical storage problems like mold, insects, and rodents.

Choose climate-controlled storage because it’s better for your belongings.

Why rent climate-controlled storage?

There are many reasons why you might go for a climate-controlled unit over one that isn’t climate-controlled. Because air-conditioning helps deal with some of the major issues of storage, especially when it’s being used long-term.  This makes climate-controlled storage a better option in most cases. Let’s take a look at why exactly you should rent climate-controlled storage.

Rent climate-controlled storage if you expect extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures (both high and low) or extreme fluctuations in temperature are definitely not good for your belongings. High heat can cause certain materials to expand, melt, or crack, which can lead to significant damage. Extremely low temperatures, however, are not much better either, because they can cause frost which will damage the surface of your items as well as later melt into water that further damages your belongings. Since either one of these is bad, you can only imagine how bad it would be to switch between them often.

Ideally, you want your storage unit to stay constant at a specific temperature. The right temperature will depend on the kind of things you’re storing but is typically somewhere between 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in moderate climates, this kind of consistency and fine-tuning is only possible through climate control.

Climate-controlled storage is better for dealing with humidity

Humidity is one of the biggest problems in storage. On its own, it can be enough to cause some damage to your possessions, particularly those made of wood. But it is also the cause of mold which poses an even bigger threat to your belongings. Finally, hot and humid areas are the perfect breeding ground for other pests, such as microbes, insects, and rodents. Thus, dealing with humidity in your storage should be a priority.

Gauge with temperature and humidity.
Controlling humidity in a storage unit is very important.

One of the best ways to deal with humidity is to rent climate-controlled storage. Not only does climate-controlled storage run at a lower temperature, but the air in it is also drier. That is how air-conditioning helps prevent humidity, which in turn helps against mold, insects, and other pests.

You should always rent climate-controlled storage for certain items

Finally, certain items simply require climate-controlled storage. If you’re, for example, storing collectibles, antiques, musical instruments, fine art or even wooden furniture, you definitely want to invest in climate-controlled storage. These valuable and often irreplaceable items are particularly delicate and vulnerable to unsuitable conditions. To protect them and keep them in optimal condition, you should go with climate-controlled storage for them.

Is climate-controlled storage worth the extra cost?

Of course, when you rent climate-controlled storage, you pay more than for a regular storage unit without air-conditioning. If you’re on a budget, that may be an issue for you. But climate-controlled storage has many benefits and is significantly better for your belongings and therefore easily worth the money. Think of it as an investment rather than an expense! It’s better to pay a little extra for climate-controlled storage now than deal with the consequences of humidity, water, and pest damage later.

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