Reasons to ask for a binding moving estimate

If you are planning on a move, you are definitely trying to size up the cost and see if it fits your budget. Well, for that you need moving quotes, and companies are happy to offer you those. But, before you do so, we are here to examine why it is better tor ask for a binding moving estimate, rather than a non-binding one.

How is an estimate made?

So, what are the factors a moving company Montclair NJ, for example, might use in making an estimate:

  • The distance of your move – this one is the first parameter that will be going into the account is the distance. The move can, by distance, be categorized either like a long-distance or a local move. Depending on which category your relocation falls to after you ask for a binding moving estimate or a non-binding estimate alike you can expect quite different answers. This is because, in long-distance relocation, it is the weight of that matters the most, while for the local move it is the time invested.
  • Weight and number of everything involved – You have to take into the account too main variables connected to items that will be relocated with you. First is their weight. As we said, weight matters most in long-distance relocation. That is what enables movers to calculate how much fuel and what vehicles will they need for your move. Secondly, the number of items. You can easily see how huge a number of items would relate to the time needed for the relocation…
  • Packing – It is a service you don’t necessarily need, but it will be most likely offered. It often comes with free packaging material as well. Just be sure that, if you are doing it DIY style, you either reuse or recycle the material after!
  • Storage – Need storage? It will also be added to the cost.
  • Special moving services – Things like jewelry, pianos – anything often considered too valuable or quite difficult to transport.

Your moving budget might be taken into the account as well, so they can help you get the cost down.

What is a non-binding estimate?

So, if you are trying to calculate the moving costs NJ, what are your options. Well, first and foremost, there is a non-binding estimate. It consists of a representative of the moving company coming to your house or doing the assessment from the information you provide over the phone. It comprises of the information that we listed previously.

What is a non-binding estimate
Time to calculate some cost!

However, the company does not promise that the price won’t go up, or down. There is room for both unpleasant and pleasant surprises. And, no matter what happens, they cannot charge you more than 110% of the price.

Why you should ask for a binding moving estimate instead

Still, 10% can leave quite a lot of space to unwarranted losses. You generally don’t want to lose money. This is why you should always opt for a binding estimate. It will cost you nothing except time. Representatives will sit down and do a detailed look at your relocation.

Why you should ask for a binding moving estimate instead
Want something concrete? Take a binding estimate!

It is a safer way to go! That way, the price you get is guaranteed. No surprises of any kind! Yes, the price will never go down, but it will never rise much either. And in a relocation valued at 1000$, getting a 100$ more is not something you want to happen to you.

In summary

The simplest solution is always to ask for a binding moving estimate. It is the best simply for the fact that you can plan out your relocation to every last penny.

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