Pros and cons of moving to the suburbs

Moving to another place is always an exciting period in life. But what about actually living in another place? Well, it has its ups and downs as everything else in life. If you are going into a smaller apartment, for example, you might need to set up storage Montclair NJ, or you will be literally swimming in extra stuff. However, moving into the suburbs is a special case, especially if you are coming from the city center.

There are pros and cons of this particular move and we are going to list and explain the major ones. Is the move to the suburbs the right decision for you? Let’s find out!

Moving to the suburbs – The Pros

Major pros of living in suburbia are:

  • Cheaper Living’
  • Bigger Home
  • Relaxed Lifestyle
  • No Large Crowds

Cheaper Living

There are many benefits that you may reap if you move to the suburbs. For one, everyday stuff usually gets cheaper. You see, the city center always has inflated prices as you are paying for the convenience as well as for the item in question. When you move to the suburbs, the prices of everyday goods are almost always cheaper in the suburbs than in the center. This will allow you to passively save money on such items. You can buy everything you are used to and save money in the process! How’s that for a pro, eh?

One of the best things about moving to suburbia is cheaper living!

Bigger (and cheaper) Home

Another pro to the suburbs is that you can usually get a bigger home and have money to spare, after selling your old one. If you are paying rent in the city, you can consider paying a mortgage in the suburb, as it might very well be the same amount of money.

While we are considering a bigger home, we can also consider that you can get a sizeable yard. So, if you ever wanted to own a big dog, for example, Bergen County has plenty of homes with a big yard. If you decide to move to this particular suburb, your Bergen County movers are at your disposal!

Slow Down And Relax

In the suburb, life is generally slower. More relaxed, as well. Oh, and don’t get me started on the parking spaces. One of the things that I absolutely hate about the city is parking. It is a nightmare for me. If you are of a like mind, you will love the ample parking space moving to the suburb will provide. There is nothing better than coming home, not needing to spend any amount of time in finding a parking spot.

Less stress and more time to actually do what you want to do, instead of searching for that mythical parking spot in the city! No, but seriously, parking is so important in our daily life and Bergen County has a lot of it. One small parking spot can set the tone for the rest of your day.

No more large crowds

If you are not a big crowd person, suburbia is the perfect place for you. There will almost never be any crowds gathering for anything, really, in the suburb. Thus you will not need to deal with any crowd mentality or peer pressure. Life is simpler in the suburb, its just the way it is. If you want to combine two households into one without stress and start a family, suburbia is, once again, the right choice!

Moving to the suburbs will bring you calm and peaceful life.
Suburbia is usually a peaceful place. You won’t have to deal with huge crowds anymore!

Moving To The Suburbs – The Cons

Of course, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the suburbs. There are some cons that are not meaningless. Namely, the big ones are:

  • Car is absolutely required
  • Somewhat boring
  • What to do with all the space?
  • Harder to get a job

You require a car in order to live in the suburbs

Well, not really, you don’t, but in order to have a quality life, you do. The thing is, public transport in the suburbs is kinda lacking in most cases. And it is definitely not as reliable as in the city. Some suburbs are better than the others but they all share a lack of vehicles.

If you want to live a comfortable life, however, you will need a car. Most likely you will have a long commute to work and your car will save you precious time. Time is, after all, our most precious resource.

You will need to spend extra on gas and car repairs, insurance and whatnot. But it is all worth it in the end.

Suburbs are somewhat boring

This one depends on your personality, really. But the fact of the matter is that there are not enough things to do in the suburbs. Compared to the city, that is. There are fewer restaurants, fewer night clubs and so on. Less entertainment, all in all. There are some tips on what to do after the move! Maybe you will like suburb after all, who knows!?

However, you can always go to the city to get your “fix” of entertainment, that is true. Like I’ve mentioned, it all depends on your personality. If you are a person who does not need constant entertainment and buzz, suburbia might be the perfect place. But if you are, then it is a rather large con.

a boy
Suburbia can, sadly, be boring. Will you like living here? That depends on your personality!

Moving to the suburbs – What to do with all the space?

Moving to the suburbs will provide you with more space to fill. If you are coming from a small apartment, which you most likely will be, your new place will lack stuff. And that can be rather costly.

Luckily, the industry in the suburbs is aware of this and there are many resale stores that will provide you with furnishings at a fraction of the price. Provided you can settle with used stuff, that is.

Harder to get a job

Even if your particular suburb has a healthy job market, it will definitely be more competitive. You might need to go the extra mile in order to get a job at the place that you want. Patience is the key here, as is knowing or getting to know someone that can help. It sucks, but that is the way of the world.

You may need to submit your CV to multiple sites, you may even need to go to job fairs and so on. It is not that easy to land the perfect job in the suburb, you have to be tenacious when moving to the suburbs!

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