Pros and cons of moving to the countryside

For some people, moving to the countryside may be one of the best decisions they have made so far. For those who want to escape from the noise of the big city, pollution, lack of space, crowd and heavy traffic, life in the country may seem like a dream coming true.

Is country life what you really want and need? Will you be happier, healthier, safer and calmer after you move to the countryside? Or will you miss living in the big city so much that you will seriously think about returning to where you really belong? Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the country to get the necessary information before you hire Bergen County movers and move to the countryside.

Benefits of moving to the countryside

In general, life in the country provides undeniable advantages over the life of a big city. Here are the main benefits of moving to a country:

Fresh air

Rural areas tend to have cleaner air due to fewer vehicles on the roads and lower levels of industrialization. As a bonus, the air in the countryside is cleaner and fresher due to its characteristic green areas – forests, parks, meadows, etc.

Woman after moving to the countryside
Moving to the countryside is especially useful if you suffer from any kind of respiratory disease

Closer to nature

In most cases, moving to a village will mean a step back to nature. In fact, the radical changes from the urban area in which you lived until recently will give you a unique opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities. And, of course, activity in nature will lead to better health, both physical and mental. Being outdoors will have a calming effect on your nerves and should provide a much-needed boost to your immune system.

Moving to the countryside means more living space

Most likely, you lived in a city apartment until this moment. Now, all of a sudden, you get all the space you have ever wanted. A spacious house with a large garden and an extensive backyard too. You can even take all your belongings from storage Montclair NJ and put them in your new house. After you move to the countryside, you can get rid of that cramped little living space and get the space you wanted for years. In addition to a more spacious living space, a step outside will provide you with all the space you want.

More affordable lifestyle

Generally speaking, the cost of living in the country is lower than in large cities. In rural areas, property prices are much more affordable. Sometimes half as much as in large urban areas for both tenants and buyers. Depending on the exact location, utilities and property taxes should also be lower. As well as living expenses in general – food, gas, and various goods and services. In other words, moving to the county should have a beneficial effect on the family budget.

Increased security

Moving from the city to the country should provide you with a higher level of security. It’s due to the fact that most rural communities are much more united and friendly than large urban communities. As a result, most people in more rural small towns and villages know each other. And that increases the overall safety of its inhabitants. The statistics confirm the theory – the crime rate in the countryside is lower than in large urban areas.

Man walking alone in a dark street
Moving to the country can be a great solution if you are worried about the safety of your children in a big city with a high crime rate

Less stress

In most cases, the pace of life in the country will be slower than in the bustle of a big city. If you are wondering if you should move to the country, think about your life. If you begin to experience stress, fatigue, and even disorientation in the city that you call your home, then moving to a more rural area should give you the peace and tranquility that you need in order to hear your own thoughts – the very thoughts that were muffled by the noise of the big city. As a rule, life in the country will be less stressful and you should feel calmer and more relaxed soon after the move. And healthier too.

Disadvantages of moving to the countryside

Now that you know what is good in life in the country, let’s say a few words about its shortcomings. In the end, the last thing you would like is to regret your decision.

Limited job opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of a big city is more job possibilities. Finding work in a new city is quite easy. But, when it comes to the country, it becomes much harder. Thus, at that moment when you move to a more rural area, you have fewer and fewer job opportunities. If you are a senior citizen or have already received a decent job in a new place, you do not have to worry about finding work in a limited labor market. However, moving to a country without work can be quite risky. And you may be forced to take long trips to work in a larger nearby city. Or settle for a pay lower than you would like.

Less schooling possibilities

If you are moving to the countryside with children, then you should think again before you decide to do this. Keep in mind that in most small towns and villages, the number of schools is limited. And educational standards may be lower than in schools in a big city. Do your homework and carefully study all the possibilities of education in a new place so that you can give your children an early advantage in life.

Limited facilities and amenities

Yes, big cities can be noisy, dirty and crowded. But they really have many 24/7 services and all the amenities for their citizens. After moving to the country, you will be forced to lose many of the amenities that make life easier, more comfortable, and even safer.

Disco ball
If you are a party person, then maybe the countryside isn’t for you

Country life may or may not be appropriate for your lifestyle. Moving to a country will also affect your social life. It can be harder to find a way to meet your new neighbors. But that may be exactly what you need – a more relaxed time with your thoughts without any distracting and disturbing noise of the big city around you.

However, the best way to find out for sure whether moving to the countryside is exactly what you need is to spend some time at this destination, if possible. This way you get a little taste of what to expect before moving there for real.

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